24 May 2014

itgirlz May Alty/Pop Playlist

It's been a mad couple of weeks with exams/naplan etc. but today marks my first day of freedom aka braindead-ness. Today was such an awesome day, the sun is still out here in Australia at 24 degrees one week before winter! I'm loving it - almost as much as I'm loving my winter uniform. Not. 

Anyway here's my very first Grooveshark playlist, inspired by Lost But Not Found Blog! Expect some chilled alty pop to celebrate two blissful stockings-free-days. 

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13 May 2014


*troll face*
I'm clinging onto summer. The sky is blue here, softening the cool temps. I'm headed off to an engagememt party. I've never been to one of these, or a wedding for that matter. I didn't really know what to wear...

I just couldn't go past this awesome shift dress. I'm loving the pops of purple in this number. Purple is everywhere at the moment, from food to furniture - and I'm loving it!! I've got a purple post in the works, so keep a look out. 

Speaking of things you don't want to miss, I'm back on Twitter! I actually love it because I'm such a chatterbox, and I can constantly talk to the entire world, or just myself (without looking weird). My username is the sane as my Instagram, @zolablog

Good luck to anyone doing NAPLAN this week!

6 May 2014

WInter Haul

I think I've gone from utterly freezing to an icy numb. Its the 6th of May, and I'm already on the couch with blankets, settling in for a movie. This week I've been spent many relaxed hours styling my room. I've collected some cute new goodies, and my room is almost finished. I'm super keen to do a big reveal on the blog. But now, my winter clothes haul. I've never done a haul before!! So, here goes.  

- Collette -
- Cotton On - 
- Ice - 
- Princess Polly -
- Converse - 
- Fair Trade Markets -
- Hollister -
- Forever New -

P.S. I've just registered for TeenVogue's one click bloggers! This is something I've been wanting to do for agesss, so go check it out! And - while your there, I'm back on Twitter, tweety birds. Wow. That was lahme. Anywhoo, follow @zolablog for daily ramblings (in less than 125 characters!) What more could a girl want!?

1 May 2014

April in Photos

 It's my first ever month in photos post! These are so popular, and look like so so much fun. So, here's a look into my month that was. 
 Hot chocolate season began! I indulged in my most favourite Max Brenner peppermint hot chocolate. I just wish I had these secret recipes to make at home!
 New glasses!! I'm just loving the shape of these, their so fresh. Also, the colour goes with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, which is totally awesome, but quite unusual for me. Before I had the red glasses, I had hot pink, and before that, metallic blue. So, glasses that match are pretty new and awfully convienient.
I will never give up on my love for ice cream, despite the cooling temps. It's almost better in winter - less sticky melting situations..
My awesome headphone decoration. I'm pretty proud of this crazy rainbow. I'll be doing a DIY post these soon!
My long awaited converse arrived! If you've been keeping up with my outfit posts, you will have noticed I've hardly taken them off all month...
Presence Youth!!! This was a conference my youth group went to in the holidays. It was soooo much fun ohmigosh. And, as you can see, it was in Town Hall, which is so beautiful!
I met this guy!! (FYI He's a judge on SYTYCD, not a random :) ) But I'm kind of on strike from this show at the moment because they voted out Sam and Blonde 2 weeks in a row. Thats just too much for me. 
I had some awesome public transport adventures on the Urban Challenge camp. Check out my photo diary in my archives!
I spent the Easter weekend with my family in Coolangatta. I seriously think this is one of the best beaches in the entire world. 
And of course, the Divergent movie. My absolute number one fandom was put on the big screen, with its flaws for sure, but definitely an enjoyable movie for everyone. 

So, there's the month that was. I'm looking foreward to an awesome May! (and temperatures warmer that right now...)