8 Mar 2016

the sunlight paints us gold + sophie smith

Confession time, I may or may not have totally forgotten this post for the last hour in light of a new discovery. I had a maths exam today, these things happen. What is this exciting new discovery you ask? The quadratic formula? Nope. How I Met Your Mother!! Apparently I'm lame because I don't watch The 100 but I've gotta say daggy 2005 television is pretty prime. I've watched like half a season, which isn't even that extreme but I'm slow and happy. Don't judge me.

Time for something legitimately exciting! I'm bringing you a collab playlist today! Whaaaaaat?
Well. A pretty awesome friend of mine, Sophie Smith, has some pretty awesome music tastes so we have combined forces to make 'the sunlight paints us gold', a shiny mix of all our autumn favourites for long afternoons and early sunsets. As much as I love summer, and as cold as the beach was on the weekend, I'm getting a little excited for the colder months. It's good weather for tea. Who am I kidding, it's always good weather for tea. 

I actually love this playlist, I've been listening to it a bunch. It's a goodie. Well, I think it is. Don't doubt yourself people! Special shoutout to Ninja by Banoffee, one of my favourite songs at the moment. There's a super funky beat, and the first line is about breakfast. What's not to love? If you're not convinced yet, this playlist even features a Florence track, because lets be honest, what ZOLA post doesn't feature a Florence track or a pair of Converse? Let me know what you think in the comments below, don't forget to follow ZOLA and have a super wildly glitter-filled sunny week.