29 Apr 2014

All That Glitters Is Gold

Jumper - Wildfox
Jeans - Just Jeans
Shoes - Converse
 I thought I'd indulge in a little sparkle to celebrate the Logies yesterday, with this most gorgeous Wildfox jumper. Yes - I did say Wildfox, but no - I have not started paying for ridiculously overpriced clothes. I really believe style isn't about a price tag. I scored this jumper in an Op shop a few months ago for $12, and Taylor Swift has the same one! Eeeep! So what if it is a little big?

I had the best last weekend of freedom, comprising of blogging, craft, pizza, pink lemonade, hilarious snapchatting and old school movies. Also, I helped my friend set up a blog, check it out on Instagram @tiptoe_blog

But today marked the start of term 2. The end of an awesome holiday. But don't worry Australia - it's only 8 weeks! Have a great first week back! Also, don't forget to follow by email so you don't miss the extra posts I've stored up my sleeve :)

26 Apr 2014

Denim Jackets 3 Ways

Hey hey! I'm trying something a little different today, sort of a styling tutorial. I've made 3 Polyvore sets as part of a denim jackets inspiration. I've used an Acne denim jacket *lust* but any jacket works. I picked up one from Cotton On last week for $20! Gotta love Cotton On!

This first one is prep. I had so much fun with this one, I'm so not a preppy person! For this look, stick to nudes with a pop of colour. Pastels and warm colours look sweet with denim. Top it off with some classic accessories. Oh and, how cool are those shades!? I'm LOVING these.
 Next is rock, I love this whole look. I was going for an edgy take on the classic glamour. If your going after this look, try black and white against striking colours. Clash with metallic chunky accessories. You could also try the classic rock studs, or boots. Rock is all about being bold. 
 Last of all is boho. This one comes with some chilled vibes. Deep breathes, shore lines and awesome smoothie breakfasts. Go for natural, relaxed shades and indie patterns. The boho look is a little perfection within itself, because it's so 'I'm a fashion goddess', and a little 'I just woke up like this' all at the same time. 

That brings my first polyvore tutorial to a close, keep your eyes peeled for more in future. Have fun with your denim jackets! Last tip - don't be afraid to experiment! Style is awesome because it's totally yours, own it!

18 Apr 2014

Blogathon Day 5: Liquorice Allsorts

Savannah wears:
Top: Sportsgirl
Necklace: Gift
Skirt: Dragonberry
Shoes: Wittners

Welcome to the final instalment of blogathon week! Sorry this is an early one, I'm heading to the airport in a few minutes. Here's my OOTD from yesterday, I just can't get enough of this necklace! Pink is seriously such an awesome invention. Here's to pink.

Also, I snuck a sneaky shot of my shoes in there, they were cut of in my shots, and I just had to include them. I scored these in a crazy sale last winter, so I've had them a while now. I love them to death, but they go with n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Oh the struggles.

Now, what do we think of the new glasses!? I'm just loving these, I feel like a hipster with the tortoise-shell. Hehehe. Speaking of new things, the decoration of my new room is on the way. My Dad is having seperation anxiety with perfectly painted white walls. Were heading to OfficeWorks to print some wall art. I'm so excited! I'll keep you posted with updates, and expect a tour in a few weeks :)

Have the most magical easter, lovelies. Enjoy spending time with your family, celebrating, and obviously the chocolate side of things is not bad either. Bye for now x

17 Apr 2014

Blogathon Day 4: Splash Photography

 Earlier this week I went to the beach in the rain That sounds weird - and it really was. The beach was totally deserted apart from a bunch of keen surfers. It's like the beach turns into a private surfers club in winter. Anyway, why was I at the beach in the rain? I headed down with a friend of mine to take some photos of the surf, which turned out pretty cool despite the rain. I realised I'd never really shown you guys my photography, well you know, apart from my amazing self timer skillz. That said, here are some shots from the day I went to the beach in the rain. Enjoy :)

16 Apr 2014

Blogathon Day 3: My Top 10 Blogging Tips

At the start of this year, I wrote a list of blogging tips, as guidelines to further my blog. I figured some of my readers might write their own blogs too, so I decided to share my tips. This one is for you.

1. Use social media
Social Media, particularly Instagram, is huge in the blogging world. It's an awesome way to share between posts, and also a great way to get 'discovered'. Other bloggers can easily check out your page, and that’s where the friendship begins.

2. Make Internet friends
Almost everything is more fun with a friend, so it's a good idea to find some blogger buddies. They’re a tone of fun, and there is heaps of potential for guest posts etc. That said, be Internet safe, don't chat to scary looking people! Also, be a nice Internet friend, just because it isn't face to face, doesn't mean you can be rude. If you don’t know where to start- shoot me an email! I don’t bite, I promise!

3. Take advice
Obviously when seeking advice, look to someone more experienced than you. This one has a lot of options, there are blogging books, and you can email more experienced bloggers with questions, or even recruit a mentor. Take advice seriously, and use it to better your blog.

4. Advertise
Put a bit of thought into what kind of readers your looking for, or the type of people that would like to read your blog. From this, think about the best places to advertise your blog. This could be on social media sites, on other blogs, in your community or elsewhere.

5. Be consistent
It's important to post regularly, to keep your readers interested and engaged. There's nothing more annoying than when a blog you love doesn't post enough. Also, this makes it easier for your readers to track your posts, especially if your posting at regular times.

6. Write for magazines
Sometimes with all of the fashion, food, beauty and DIY-ing we forget the basis of blogging, and that is writing. There is no use writing a blog if your writing isn’t great. That sounds scarier than it is. Like everything else, improvement is easy with practice. That’s where magazines come in. Writing magazine articles can be quite similar to blog posts, their fun, and a great way to get more comfortable with your writing. Oh – and when I say magazines, I mean the Instagram based ones, that get published online. Don’t go emailing Dolly or Girlfriend! Just get on Instagram and hunt around for these online magazines. There’s heaps out there, so find one you like, and email the editor. Usually, the editors are awesome, and will be keen for you to get involved!

7. Be creative
A wise man once said, The world worships the original. I have found in life, there is little that is more true than this. Be different. Be daring. Be unique. It’s intriguing, interesting, and will draw readers to your blog. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over this one, if you copy an idea or two, and you do it well, that’s obviously still going to be a good post. Nothing is 100% original.

8. Read other blogs
If being original seems challenging, remember inspiration is crucial in any writing process. To better your blog, read blogs that are better than yours. Not just in blogging, but in all areas of your life, be it school, sport, or anything else, watch and socialize with people better than you and watch what they do. Eventually, it will rub off on you. Some of my favourite blogs to read for this are Spin Dizzy Fall, and Views of Now.

9. Know what you want - and go for it!
It's important to sit down and figure out what you want to get out of your blog. Is it just to pass the time? To grow your skills in your area? To meet new people? To get followers? There is no right answer, it's totally personal, you just need to figure it out. Once you know what you want, go for it! If you want to grow your skills, spend time doing. If you want to meet people, spend time emailing other bloggers. If you want followers, spend time promoting your blog. Don't be put off if you don't achieve your goals straight away. Don't give up on them and remember - everyone starts somewhere. 

10. Be prepared
This is something I am learning slowly. Always be prepared. When inspiration strikes - make sure you can write it down. When opportunity comes, be one step ahead, already thinking about how your going to approach  it. If your a fashion blogger, wear blog-worthy outfits wherever you go. But my absolute, without a doubt, number one must do is this. ALWAYS CARRY A CAMERA. There are many times in life when your iPhone camera just won't do it, so carry your camera always for some awesome impromptu shots. I've found a few times I'll be out, and I'll be like 'oh hey, that's a cool wall. Let's take some photos!' From seeing these kind of shots on other blogs too, they look awesome! 

This has been my top 10 blogging tips, I hope I've given you some things to think about. Also, I hope everyone is enjoying the blogathon as much as I am! I just adore the extra time in the holidays! Stay tuned for more tomorrow :)

15 Apr 2014

Blogathon Day 2: Warm and Fuzzy

Savannah Wears:

Jumper: Factorie
Necklace: Gift
Jeans: Just Jeans
Shoes: Converse

This is the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I trouped through 3 different stores to find the perfect fuzzy jumper, and landed with this lovely. Naturally, it had to be the most expensive of the 3. Anyway, I don't even care anymore, I'm so in love with this trend, and have barely taken this baby off. The same can be said for my converse, which I can proudly say are becoming less and less white with every new adventure. 

Keeping it short and sweet tonight as I'm heading into the city to see Lion King with my Grandma *nawww*. The rain has just set in, so I'm pondering ways to keep my sleek straight locks straight. A beanie at the theatre? I don't think old Gran will approve...

Until tomorrow,

14 Apr 2014

Blogathon Day 1: Divergent Movie Review

Welcome to Blogathon week! To celebrate my unusually large amounts of free time these holidays, I’m doing a blogathon. Just pretend that’s a word. That means I’ll be posting every day this week. Lets get started!

Confession time - I might be a touch obsessed with Divergent. I scored the books for Christmas in 2012, when no one knew they existed, and since then I've read the series 3 times, and convinced all my friends to read them too.

It goes without saying, when we heard about the movie we were more excited than me in Pitt St Mall. The countdown finished on Friday, when we finally saw the long awaited Divergent movie.

Let me set the scene for you. This was the first screening of the school holidays, so it was filled with over excited teenage girls. Quite a few were dressed up, like us. Our group comprised of 3 Dauntless, 2 Amity, and 2 Erudite. About 30 people were literally sitting just outside the doors, eagerly waiting for them to open.

The doors opened, and cheering faded to excited chatter, as the movie began. The opening scene showed the city, and described the factions. This city is a futuristic one, where everyone is broken up into 5 factions. These are groups based on your values. The 5 are Erudite, the intelligent, Dauntless, the brave, Amity, the kind, Abnegation, the selfless, and Candor, the honest. Divergent follows the story of Tris, she doesn't fit into any of the five factions, she is Divergent. She can't be controlled.

Ok from here in will include some series spoilers, so only read if you've read the oh so fabulous book series. Here's what to expect - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Firstly the good. I was a bit hesitant with the casting choices, but they worked really well in the movie. My favourites were Tori, Christina, and Four. They were all exactly how I imagined them, and totally nailed all my favourite quotes. Also, the simulation acting was BREATH TAKING. It was seriously hard to remember they weren't actually under simulation, just acting it. It was ridiculously well done.

Now to the bad.. I felt they tried to jam the entire book, into 2 and s half hours, which just didn't work. It felt a little rushed to me, especially the romance part. Tris and Four was like 'oh hey.' 'Your pretty' 'Ok you can stay in my room' 'ok ill kiss you now' the end. At least that was included though! Half the content they cut out from the book to the movie, seemed downright weird.

That's the ugly part. First of all, something I was really really sad about was Al. Al and his story was positively awful. He was not fat enough for one thing. His story was not elaborated at all, not once did you hear him break down, and you didn't even know he liked Tris. It was just like oh hey a random just died, and Tris acts all dramatically, and the audience is like wait. Who's that again? So disappointing.

Also, Edward isn't in the movie at all I don't think. There is no hardcore bullying or harassment, and a serious lack of eye stabbing. Which may have been good, because I'm pretty squeamish...

But there was one major thing that messed with my head. There was no visiting day. Yes. Let me just say that again. There was no visiting day in the movie. In the book, the visiting day is crucial, Tris's mum tells her she can't visit Caleb, so that's how you first know about the controversy. Then, she says go tell Caleb to research that thing, so that's how you piece together the dodgy 'trackers', and that's how the piece together the whole uprising. But no. There is no visiting day. Her mum just randomly appears, and then she just randomly visits Caleb. So yes, that was ugly.

All up, I didn't think the movie was bad, but it wasn't award winning either. On a scale from Mean Girls 2, to Hunger games, I’d give it a 3.5 stars If you haven't read the books, I'm going to go against what everyone tells you, and say WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST. Then, read the books. You will be presently surprised.