26 Aug 2014

Washi Tape // Where To Buy + Inspiration

Good evening good people! I may or may not have spent a considerable amount of my weekend Washi taping my walls... I just can't help myself. But seriously - wall collages. Their so great. I thought this week I would inspire you to join my Washi Tape lovin' with some cool project ideas and other good thangz. Lets get into it!

Where To Buy Washi Tape

So you're keen on some Washi Tape? You're a cool person. Now - Where the heck are you going to find it!? Well, I sourced mine from an amazing local stationary shop. Have a poke around your local neighbourhood for a gift shop or stationary shop. You can also find a little bit of patterned tape at Typo, and possibly Kikki K. Alternatively, I've found some online stores that have a huge range. Check them out below.

Washi Tape Storage Inspiration

Now you've got your hands on some beautiful tapes, let the creativity begin with some cool storage ideas I've found on Pinterest. Have a look!

Washi Tape Project Inspiration

This is my favourite part! I am forever doing new projects with my Washi Tape, and the possibilities are just endless. Lately I've been using my Washi Tape in scrapbooking, letters to my gorgeous penpal Bri, and in a cool wall collage I put up on the weekend. Here are some more cool Washi Tape projects!

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Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine, and I don't take any credit for them. I just collected them up, and put them together for this post.

21 Aug 2014

Melbourne Video Diary

Before I get to far into this, I would like to point out that it is 10 DAYS until Spring. 10 DAYS. 10 more days of hibernation as I continue my crawl through The Mortal Instruments series, and litres apon litres of hot chocolate.

As much as a little Spring defrosting excites me is, it is still utterly freezing in the rather southern city of Melbourne, where I spent the last weekend. My family and I headed to Melbourne for the wedding of my cousin, Sydney. (Oh yes, the irony is real.) It was the first wedding I've ever been to, and I had the best time!

Because one can simply not go to Melbourne without a little shopping, and good food, we did endulge in a little bit (read: a solid day and a half) of that too. I managed to find the cutest little bookstore! I just love book stores, but all the ones near me have closed. Alas, the over take of the internet. Anyway, I finally picked up a copy of It by Alexa Chung and yes, it is fabulous. This is the point where I stop blabbing, and direct you to a little video that I've put together of all of the Melbourne shenanigans. Enjoy!

I can't possibly leave this post without mentioning Taylor Swift's new single 'Shake It Off'. It's all about how society judges us and how we shouldn't let it get to us. It's super inspiring and obviously ridiculously catchy! I've had it stuck in my head all afternoon! If you haven't yet, be sure to check it out here x

12 Aug 2014

Currently I Am...

Hello lovelies! So I saw this post written by the always gorgeous Chelsea of Uhm Chelsea and I loved the idea so much I thought I'd try something a little different, and write one too! Enjoy!

Reading: The Mortal Instruments! I've just started the second one and love it, although it can be a little confusing at times. I'm also stuck into Blogging 2.0. If you're a blogger, I'd definitely recommend having a read.

Rebloging: I'm really not sure. I've consulted my tumblr, and to be honest it's pretty much clothes and food. That's all I have to show for my life. Nah - only joking. It also features the occasional inspiring quote! My life has depth! 

Learning: There is the obviously riveting stereotypes within society speech, that has had me tearing my hair out for the past week - but I'd really rather not talk about it. Something a bit more fun I am learning is how to indoor rock climb! I've taken up indoor rock climbing as a school sport. Having never done it before, I'm not the greatest but I'm definitely learning! And having the best time too!

Drinking: I'm a big water girl honestly! Lately I've been mixing things up a bit with some berry smoothies for breakfast, which are super quick and easy. Just blend up some frozen berries, yoghurt, ice, and a bit of honey.

Writing: I've got a new dystopian short story in the works! I've written a few in the past, but this one is quite different to others I've done. I've also gone a little crazy writing and blog posts, which is super exciting! Watch this space!

Listening: Taylor Swift!! For those of you who don't know, Tay has finished yet another album that is set to be released in October. She is hinting to singles being released very very soon. (Have a sneak at her Instagram for that.) So, I've been getting in the mood for more much loved T-Swizzle by shuffling through my 4 album collection. #noshame

Enjoying: Fashion! I've been doing a little online shopping lately, and having fun styling things.

Eating: I've actually been cooking so much lately! My mum bought a Thermomix last month (which is basically a magical 'I can cook everything' machine.) and I've been having fun making all sorts of things! 
My friends and I have also spend a fair bit of time in cafés lately. Even in winter, I can't go past a good strawberry milkshake!

Watching: I am so excited that Amazing Race is starting up again! This is the coolest show because you see so much of the world in one show! The stupid reality tv element is a bit of fun too. #guiltypleasure

I'm also an old fan of Pretty Little Liars, but it's gotten a little boring lately. I cannot stand Hanna's drunk phase. Ew.

Snapping: As you may know, I've been taking a photo every day of this year. The last month has a very consistent food theme, featuring magnums, birthday cake, milkshakes at a local cafe, and several thermomix recipes. Yum!

Appreciating: Nature! We spend so much time buried in our phones, we miss the little things. Totally cliché, but it's true. So lately, I've been trying (and, I'll admit, failing a little) to get outside and be healthier. 

On a totally random side note, I'd like to add in this pic! It's a little bit of a more personal one, but I love it! Yesterday these lovelies and I ran a stall at school, for Commerce. It was the best fun and I'm super proud of how it turned out! 

That brings this post to an end. Let me know what you think of more posts like this in the comments. Also, a bit of housekeeping - I'm headed to Melbourne this weekend for a wedding (excited is an understatement) and I'm planning to put together a lil' video, but due to exams (Ew. I know.) it won't be up 'till later in the week. Sorry! Have a good one!

5 Aug 2014


So here's the great debate - shorts in winter. Yes or no? Obviously I am all yes for shorts! They're a fun way to break up the endless winter jeans cycle. I picked up these beauties from a second hand stall at Glebe Markets, as featured in my last video. I paired these with my much loved striped tee, as the weather was most beautiful in Sydney last weekend. 

I headed out to lunch at our local favourite with my friends, and had a blast. Nothing is better than a bit of good company. Something that comes close however, are my new ankle boots that arrived this afternoon. Ladies and gentlemen - I did indeed buy a new pair of shoes. My trusty Cons have been the only shoes featured on Zola since I bought them in March!! Look forward to more outfit posts! 

Another exciting announcement! Zola is currently in the process of a full makeover! I'm playing with the design, and some different features. I am so super excited for you guys to see it! 

So, there is homemade pizza on the table and my Dad just walked in with a Disney DVD. This is gettin' seriouz. With that, I am going to wish you a lervly week and be off. Hope you enjoyed that unexpectedly rambley post!