17 Nov 2015

Teen Angst

Savannah Wears
Top - Sportsgirl
Skirt - Avalon Markets
Shoes - Converse
Bracelet - China

The thinking part of the year is officially over, and I can feel my brain slowly but surely slipping out my butt. My days have been reduced to woeful motivational talks, which are essentially grade wide team building exercises. I always thought I'd have to wait to get a job before I endured this but no! I spent my day with a small, rat looking man screaming enthusiastically at a bunch of overtired teens.
'EYEEEBALLS!!' He demands, trying to connect to the audience, wiping the litres of sweat from his face.

So lets take on the role society has given me: the unenthusiastic, self absorbed and ultimately moody teenage gal. I'll take my teen angst out on the world with messy street art, unhealthy amounts of Gossip Girl, and grunge inspired outfits. I'm real moody man.*proceeds to apply another coat of eyeliner* Going to be honest though, I am loving this retro grunge thang. I'm sure there will be more around here soon.

Apologies for this one being a little short, I was literally sprung by torrential rain while shooting this, and was forced to do an awkward high-heeled converse, tripod and camera dash back to me mums car. Yeah guys, my life is just as glamorous as you all think it is (very.) Speaking of glamour, before the next time we speak I'll be on a bus into the middle of the wilderness where I may or may not die, all in the name of outdoor education. I'm talking hiking, tents, drop toilets and Katmandu clothing. Oh yeah. Glamour is my middle name.

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10 Nov 2015

november daze

This playlist gives me FEELS. Like sleep ins, salty hair, sand between my toes, ice cream for breakfast relaxed. summer. feels. Everyone pls stop freaking out, my little stress explosion has been replaced for deep breaths and warm air. I just want to read books and go to the beach. Actually, the weather in Sydney over the last week has been pretty poor but it's sunny today and a girl can only dream.

This playlist is a different vibe from my last few playlists, but I feel like it's a new day for us. Time for a new sound. It features a lot of old favourites and some newly discovered loves from Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson, Kodaline and Vance Joy.

Alsoooo, with all this spare time I'm thinking of making some vlog videos! If there's anything you want to see, shoot me an email. If any other bloggers want to work with me, I'd be up for that too!
In other news, I had my school formal on the weekend!! I had the best time woo. I know a lot of you wanted to see pictures, so I'll leave a few below. Also, to all of my school friends that read this I just want to say you're so amazing, you guys are constantly inspiring me and even though I've known you for less than a year, I'm so indescribably grateful you're in my world. This one is for you, and for our summer x

3 Nov 2015

Why Stress?

It's fair to say that my life is a little bit crazy, I'm a fairly busy person. Lately I've been feeling a little overloaded with stress over everything and nothing at all. It's like everything in my life just turns into play-doh and rolls around in my stomach. Stress sucks, but it something we all face. I know a lot of you are facing exams at the moment as well, so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The thing is, stress is really really pointless. It doesn't actually achieve anything other than freaking us out. So why do we stress? And how can we stop?

Sometimes you've just got to take a moment. Play your favourite song. Look at yourself in the mirror and be real with yourself. You can't beat stress pretending you're ok. What are you afraid of? Is it actually likely? And does it actually matter?

Most of the time the things we're freaking out about aren't a big deal. We waste so much time stressing and why? 
Is it just that we don't believe in ourselves?

When it comes down to it, we just don't believe we can do it. People are actually the most amazing things on this planet, by far. Last night I went and followed a whole stack of anorexia accounts on Instagram, just because I find them so inspiring. It got me thinking, some people do the most incredible things. Some people have these awful demons, but we're beating them every single day. We're all so capable of incredible things, but half the time we never go for it because we don't believe we can. Our natural instinct, is no, I can't do that. But imagine if we shifted that to a yes. Of course you can, you're capable, you want it bad enough. It's yours. Imagine all the stuff we could actually do. But no, you're not quite enough, or at least that's what you're telling yourself.

What I've learnt about stress, is it's all in your head. But that voice saying you can't do it, that voice has an opposition. There's another voice in your head. It might be quieter, because you don't choose to listen to it as often but the thing is its still there and it has just as much power as the voice telling you you aren't enough. That second voice turns around in that moment and says OF COURSE YOU ARE. You're amazing, and beautiful. This is your moment. Don't let stress make you miss it.

As usual, I sat down to hit the publish button and ended up writing a completely new and different rant. I love writing stuff like this, its terrifying and exposing and wild but if someone somewhere is reading this and feels something, I guess its worth it. I honestly just want to build you guys up. Remember to keep things in perspective my lovelies, and always remember you can. I'm believing in you xx