28 Apr 2015


Savannah Wears
Jumper - All About Eve
Skirt - Markets
Shoes - Wittners

~ They sacrificed their futures so we could have ours. Our freedom, our blessed life, our very own sunshine.  ~

I took these photos over the weekend, prior to a fantastic day enjoying delightful chats with delightful peeps, cozy cafes, books and bathtubs. 

As you can tell by my rad choice of filter, I'm obsessing over this jumper from All About Eve. Can I just say how happy I am that turtlenecks are back? Having a warm neck and looking good doing it - priceless. The killer mustard colour is also making me feel the 70s chilled vibes. Don't know if I'm even in the right era, but just go with it.  I'd also like to point out that it is officially no longer warm enough to wear a skirt. I learnt that one the hard way. 

Australia also commemorated ANZAC Day over the weekend. I can't say I gave too much thought to 'ANZAC Day'. War just seems like such an adult issue, something that happened so long ago. I couldn't help but feel it was a bit irrelevant. We had a special assembly at school yesterday and something was said that really struck something with me. It was this: They sacrificed their futures so we could have ours. 

There were 8709 Australians that died during the Gallipoli campaign. Eight thousand. Seven hundred. And nine. So many lives, families, futures totally ripped apart. Doesn't it seem like a waste? That's what I always thought. 

But that made me think, what if they didn't? Where would we be? Maybe we wouldn't have this freedom. We wouldn't have the unique spirit of Australia, a country, somewhere to belong and live and thrive. Guys, we are just so blessed and most of the time we don't even notice it. We have so much, let's appreciate it. Let's take a hold of our futures and make something of ourselves. If not for anything else, but for the ANZACs and their families. Without them, who knows where we would be. 

 ~ Lest we forget ~

21 Apr 2015

Free Spirit

Savannah Wears
Dress - Avalon Markets (Brand Unknown)
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Ice

Yesterday I went back to school. Yesterday I got drenched. (Not quite as drenched as I got today as I waited for my bus with no umbrella...) Yep, here are the days of running across campus with icy water dripping down my back as I try to save my notebooks. But here are also the days of binging left over easter chocolate, sipping apple crumble tea (best purchase I've made yet!) and dreaming up wonderfully wintry outfits for this here blog. I'm also just discovering the joys of reading in bed and listening to the rain outside. There are so many books on my list right now, I'm considering not even leaving my warm bed all winter long. 

I know that picture is very far from my lovely sundress in my photos, but we had a random heatwave before this awful rain. I thought I'd send you some summer vibes from my holidays with this free spirited outfit post. I just love the print and style of this dress! Yep, I'm still obsessed with navy and converse. 

OMG! While shopping over the holidays I found wedge heel converse. I think I'm in love. I'm just going to put it out there - Wedge converse coming soon to zolablog.com. 

I did do my fair share of shopping these holidays, found some great cafes and had the best time hanging out in the city with my friends. Oh also, what a blast from the past! I made a Club Penguin account with a friend, because we're more twelvie than you. It's like my whole childhood preserved in an Internet Explorer window. If you're looking for something worthwhile to do with your Tuesday night, add us @reeceysweg. We can play penguin Jujitsu like the kool kidz we are. 

So excited for Term 2! How is your first week back going?

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14 Apr 2015

We're Going Places - April Playlist

Hey Gang! 
Hope you're enjoying school holidays as much as I am. It seems I've spent much of my first week of holidays hanging in funky lil coffee shops. If this is the life of a senior - I like it!

The sad reality is that I can't drive. I also can't afford a car. So I've been making little adventures of getting to said coffee shops via public transport. I've been spending a lot of my time on busses and (getting rather lost) on trains, dreaming of what I can possibly do with my life to make enough money for a car. It doesn't help that I've got expensive and rather irrational taste for someone who doesn't even have a part time job. But dang Volkswagon Beetles are just so cute! I want one! 

Today I was also thinking that I've gotta think of something that'll make enough money to get me through uni and pay for an apartment and water and food and electricity. Then fund my irrational love for clothes and totally unnecessary craft projects (see: new cactus and the pot I painted for it.) Being an adult sounds so hard. I just want to blog and paint cactus pots my whole life. I'm also doing some rad nail art as I write this, I'd like to keep doing that too thank you very much. 

But I've learnt there's no better place to think than when stuck on a bus, watching the world go by. I've noticed most people on public transport have headphones, seemingly so they don't have to talk to one another. Either way, I do love my music and I'm not going to say no to a dreamy thinking playlist. The soundtrack of dreams! So when you grab your next bus/train/tram/plane/unicorn flick to my 'We're Going Places' playlist and dream away xoxo

One more thing! I installed some snazzy little social media buttons into my sidebar this week, to make it super easy for ya'll to follow me. I'll especially be using Facebook and Pinterest a lot more now, so be sure to follow those ones xx