7 Jun 2016

mixtape 06

hey chickens
i don't know if you noticed, but it rained here over the weekend. itrained here a lot.im going to be real, I spent almost the entire weekend in bed watchingPuberty Blues and making this playlist. It's 4 hours of the highs andthe lows and everything in between that I just love. i listened to itin its entirety last night in this wildly overtired, overthinkingstate I've become accustomed to listening to this beating on the roof.

I realized there was some point this year when I stopped talking tostrangers in corridors, started caring a little more and whispering alittle more. I read the most fabulous article in Rookie about the bad days, 

and how they're ok and it really just got me thinking about everything. 
Being sad sometimes is part of being authentic, 
being a real breathing relatable human. 
There's something I like about that.
In the midst of it all I publish my inner most thoughts
on the internet. whats with that?? is anyone still reading this?

if you are, I want you to know you're incredible. But this one isgoing out to all the flood victims in my community that i love somuch, to all the broken hearts and broken minds and everyone thatssuffering a little. the sun will rise tomorrow, and it will be brightxx