30 Jun 2015

9:26 Playlist

So it's the time of the month when I get lost in the deep dark hole that is Spotify for a few nights of my life to produce these little playlists for you. To be more specific, it's 9:26, Monday. I'm enjoying the half asleep nights of relaxed holiday bliss and general unproductiveness. I've had a week of cafe hang outs and movie days and I've gotta say - it's good to be in high school. Let's be 12 forever. 

So here's a new soundtrack filled with my favourites for your moments of high school un-productivity, coming to you from me and my under active Siamese fighting fish which is sitting on my desk possibly dead. I never really know... Sorry fishy, for now it's back to Gossip Girl, have a fun week sweet potatoes. I'm going to start calling you sweet potatoes, officially of just then. If you don't want to be a sweet potato pls read last Tuesday's post. You'll change your mind.  Real sweet potatoes can follow @zolablog on Instagram for behind the scenes fun x

28 Jun 2015

Mitochondrial Disease // Stay In Bed Day 2015

What did I do to deserve a bonus Zola post on this beautiful Sunday, you ask? Well, my lovelies today is a very special day. Not only is it a Kardashians birthday, which my Instagram feed reminded me again and again and again, but today is also Stay In Bed Day 2015.

It's 3:08pm and I've been in bed for the whole day, in the name of charity of course. This month I've been raising awareness and funds for the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. If Mitochondrial Disease sounds like a big word you've never heard of before, all good I'm about to catch you up. It's a rare disease that alters the way the body produces energy. Mitochondria are found in your cells, and produce around 90% of the energy your body needs to function properly. Without getting too sciencey, Mitochondrial Disease alters the function of these Mitochondria so the body can't produce nearly as much energy as it needs. Because we need energy to do everything, Mitochondrial Disease can effect sufferers nearly anywhere in their body.

While you've probably never heard of Mitochondrial Disease, it's much more common than you think. 1 in 5000 Aussie kids are born with Mitochondrial Disease, and one of them is my friend Tim. We grew up together running around in parks, and riding around his neighbourhood on scooters till dark. We're still only weeks apart in age, but so much has changed since then. It's been 6 years since he was first diagnosed with Mito and it seems like his battle is almost over. Tim stopped going to school regularly a few years ago, and now rarely leaves the house. He has little vision or hearing, no short term memory which makes simple things near impossible for him. Tim spent most of the last week in hospital, unconscious, after a severe stroke. Its time to ask the question is being asked, what is life if you can't really live it?

The thing to remember is that there is always hope, there is always break through. Mitochondrial Disease is a curable disease, the cure just hasn't been found yet- and until it is I'm doing what I can to help the cause. So today I am putting myself in the position of kids with Mitochondrial Disease for Tim, his family and all the other families out there being effected by this widely unknown disease. I've also pledged to raise $2000 for the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, and while that goal is still a long way off, you can help to make it a reality. If you have absolutely anything to donate to the cause, that would make you the most incredible reader ever and would seriously mean so so much to me. You can read my full story and make a donation here.

Thank you x

23 Jun 2015

New Zealand Wandering

So it's 1:55pm and I'm gradually talking myself into doing something productive because at the moment all I've really achieved is a new level of Instagram stalking (follow my personal @_savannahjoy #selfpromotion #swagisreal). Oh and I went to the shops and bought a sweet potato. Now I'm cooking a sweet potato. That's a cool saying. I'm claiming that. Cool beans is out, sweet potato is in.

So yep, I'm going a little cray after getting up at an hour that really shouldn't exist just to drive in a car with ice frozen over the windscreen. Ice!?1?11!? I thought my brain was frozen too but we did eventually make it to the airport for a much needed 2am coffee. We had a rather fab weekend with my family, sightseeing in Auckland. Just for everyone thats as touristy as I am, my Aunties live in the country and I saw lots and lots of sheep as well as a pretty cool city. The weekend ended on a fairly good note, 
courtesy of some Spanish airline. Cheers for the cool 4am flamenco music, I had a great jam at 50,000 ft. 

I did have a more Zola-ey post planned for this week, but I had some lovely people request NZ photos and here at Zola I like to give the people what they want. I also don't think real big words and cool blogger sentences are a thing that are going to happen right now so here's some pretty pictures from my cool beans sweet potato relaxed school holiday life. Credz to my Aunty gone photographer and my trusty iPhone :))

9 Jun 2015

VIvid Sydney 2015

On the train home last night, I realised there are a lot of things I love about Sydney. We have so much diversity in one little blip on a map. There's so many people, but everyone has a little community they belong to. There's an effortless beauty about suburbia. I was just noticing its understated beauty yesterday, watching the sunset from an empty train carriage. 

The city is a different kind of beautiful with its tall buildings, and bright lights. There's always a little something happening and the winter season is no exception. The dreaded start of Winter brings with it something I wait for all year, Vivid!! It's a series of sculptures and projections based on the medium of light. It gets bigger and more creative every year, encouraging us sweet suburbans to escape to a little adventure, even just for a night. These little adventures have become a new tradition for my photography lovin' Dad and I. It's a tradition that includes endless school nights, City Extra hot chocolates and new friends made in the Canon HQ. There's really is nothing quite like Vivid. Here's a few snaps from this year!

2 Jun 2015

Random Patch Accessories

A few weeks ago I received an email from Random Patch Jewellery inviting me to review their brand, and after a little look around the store my immediate answer was HECK YES! To be honest, I'm not usually a huge jewellery gal, because my clothes are quite busy. I often find jewellery is too much, but the jewellery at Random Patch goes with literally everything. There is a huge range of everything from bracelets to necklaces to rings to earrings, with a whole stack of different colours and styles. Of course I was immediately drawn to my one love, rose gold.

This ring is my favourite thing ever right now. I might even be loving it more than the new Florence album... maybe. The combination of rose gold and knots appeals to both my fashion and my sailing side. I've barely taken it off since taking these pictures. I'm even at the level of breaking my school uniform code to wear it every day. #reckless #thingsidoforfashion

I'm also loving this pretty little arrow necklace. There are a whole range of necklaces similar to this one available and they're a great staple piece to have. Because this style is quite small, it's the perfect touch for more basic outfits. I styled this arrow necklace with a simple striped tee and jeans. Minimalistic necklaces like this one can also look incredible with lower cut print tops. Try colour combinations, layering and experimenting with your jewellery. Its hard to go wrong with something like this.

Now lets be real - Affordable jewellery also gets big ticks from me. Ya'll know its hard looking fab on the budget of a high school student, but Random Patch does not disappoint. Refresh your wardrobe for under $30 without compromising on quality. Share the good vibes to your friends with the money you save and pick up some jewellery for them too! I just love giving jewellery, it's such a thoughtful and personal present. Plus, there's so much available at Random Patch, you're bound to find something they'll love.

View the collection of pretty and petite jewellery from Random Patch Accessories here / Like Random Patch on Facebook here x

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