30 Jun 2015

9:26 Playlist

So it's the time of the month when I get lost in the deep dark hole that is Spotify for a few nights of my life to produce these little playlists for you. To be more specific, it's 9:26, Monday. I'm enjoying the half asleep nights of relaxed holiday bliss and general unproductiveness. I've had a week of cafe hang outs and movie days and I've gotta say - it's good to be in high school. Let's be 12 forever. 

So here's a new soundtrack filled with my favourites for your moments of high school un-productivity, coming to you from me and my under active Siamese fighting fish which is sitting on my desk possibly dead. I never really know... Sorry fishy, for now it's back to Gossip Girl, have a fun week sweet potatoes. I'm going to start calling you sweet potatoes, officially of just then. If you don't want to be a sweet potato pls read last Tuesday's post. You'll change your mind.  Real sweet potatoes can follow @zolablog on Instagram for behind the scenes fun x