23 Feb 2016

sass queen

Savannah Wears
Top - Supre
Skirt - All About Eve
Shoes - Betts
Jacket - H&M
Bandana - That Shop
Choker - Tropix

I feel like its been 300 years since I've sat down to have a one sided chat with you all! How's it going? I'll assume everything is fabulous. If not, shoot me an email or something. Lets fix that.

It looks like I've gone to new blogging lengths with this one, first running around a school on a weekend and now a carpark before opening hours. True glamour right here. This is a fairly classic Savannah outfit, with the classic bandana and choker combination. I may or may not have impulse bought this skirt at a Glue Store sale but I feel like a sass queen and a girl in The Body Shop complimented me on it so no regrets, right? It's actually so true that girls just dress for compliments from other girls. I'd also like to point out, which I feel I must always do now because it's become such a rarity, is that I'm not wearing my Converse. Whaaaaat? I'm going to be honest, that I do regret because real shoes are not comfortable no matter how much of a boss you look.

In terms of actually interesting things about my life, I've been devoting a lot of time to my new years resolutions of 'reading more books' and 'drinking more tea'. Current favourites are Me and Earl and The Dying Girl (because I'm still in the funny first chapters and not the soul crushing, bitter end) and T2 Coco Berry. Sailing has been in the mix lately too which is a little bit fun. I'm also in the midst of giving up chocolate 25% for Lent purposes and 75% for health purposes, which is (thankfully) getting easier by the day. I've found a real love for grapes but the countdown till Easter is still going strong. It's 32 days if you're also in this sweet struggle.

But honestly, what is really making my life right now is you guys. I've been getting so much positive feedback lately about ZOLA and I seriously can't stress how much that means to me. It's like a giant hug from the internet. Keep on keeping on sharing and commenting and getting in contact, because you're fab and I love you almost more than chocolate itself. As you know, I'm delving into Youtube more and more. I have some exciting things on the cards, and if there is anything you want to see let me know in the comments, via email or on my Instagram. Have a great week!

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9 Feb 2016

feb alt + chill playlist

I found myself in Newtown again last week, feeling like the extra indie swag princess that I wish I was. Who uses the word swag anymore? Me. Ok. I'm glad we've established that.

Super extra cool because I went to the CHVRCHES concert with some friends of mine that actually are indie swag princesses. They literally listen to to Triple J by choice. I don't think I'll ever be that cool but I sure can try. Italics and everything, I think this Extension English thing is doing me well. I will admit, I thought Extension was spelt with 2 t's until like a day ago. Yes, as in e-x-t-e-n-t-i-o-n. Why are you even reading this uneducated nonsense?

Back to CHVRCHES goodness! It was at the Enmore Theatre, here in Sydney, which is like a huge time warp, basically an old theatre with all the seats ripped out for sikkk raves. Actually, there was a much smaller amount of manic jumping than I was expecting. I'm new to this whole concert thing, apart from the twelvie realm that is Taylor Swift. The whole place just smelt like cider, and smoke and empty happiness. I don't think I've ever felt so underage in my entire life, but I've decided I'm going to dye my hair purple at some point just so I can get in on some of this cool culture. Until the summer holidays come to return my lengthy freedom, we will just have to make do with this lil playlist. Enjoy xx