24 Feb 2015


Savannah Wears

Choker - Tropix
Top - Cotton On
Jeans - Sportsgirl
Bracelet - Collette
Bag - Alex and Nia
Shoes - Rubi (Not Pictured)

There are 4 days left of summer here in Australia. 4 precious days. I'd love to report that the weather is still beautiful here in Sydney, but I have to admit the weekend weather could've been better. The skies were grey and the temperature reached a bitterly cold... 24 degrees!! Being the typical Aussie girl that I am, that meant bringing out the jeans.

While summer is by far my favourite season, winter fashion excites me. Jeans could well be my favourite article of clothing. Like ever. I pulled these camo jeans out from the back of my wardrobe and viol√£! I paired my jeans with white tee, and my copper slides from Rubi. I'vw been using this bag a heap lately too, it goes with everything. Best super late birthday present everrrrr. 

I'm also getting quite into my jewellery. I really love this choker! I bought it from an Instagram Boutique for like $8 thinking I wouldn't actually wear it that often, but it's actually become such a staple in my wardrobe! It's pretty edgy for me, keeping on the camo themes. Shoutout to all my friends that have just joined cadets - this ones for you. Now I'm not much of a cadets gal, but I'll take the cute outfits any day.

Also, what do we think of these photos? Sorry the quality isn't the finest! I was experimenting a little with the editing and I just love how they came out! I'm going to keep trying different styles like this, it's fun to mix it up a little.

Sorry for this totally all over the place post, I've been pretty busy lately between sailing and assessments and sickness and life in general. I'll be back next week with a Q and A so get pumped for that. Leave me questions in the comments, via Instagram or Twitter @zolablog or email me :)

Have a great week - I need a name for you legends - zolas? zolarinos? zolapops? I'll work on that.. Bye :))

21 Feb 2015

Room Tour // Part Two

Time for part two! Sorry this has been a little delayed, I've had a bit of a crazy (good) busy week. I think busy is becoming a normal part of my life now... Anyway, if you've seen the first part of this room tour, you'll know my room has a loft bed in it so with this I'll show ya'll the top bed/loft half and a few other bits and pieces.

So here's my whole loft! I picked up the yellow chevron bedspread at Urban Outfitters. Chevron is such an awesome pattern, and the colour is exactly what I was after. I've gotta admit though, loft beds are a pain in the butt to make...

Above my bed I have a string of 'polaroids'. Inverted commas there because it's pretty obvious they're not real. I had a phase where I really loved Polaroids, but I didn't have a Polaroid camera. Hence, the digital Polaroid was born. And printed. And hung up in my room. That was a while ago, but I left them there because hey - I like them! Most of these are the photos that are too weird to put up elsewhere. The photos of weird dresses we tried on for laughs, ugly selfies, and photos of my friends in cardboard cut outs. Good times!

On the wall next to my bed, I put up this cloud shelf which I also found at Urban Outfitters. I thought it was a bit of a cute joke for my loft bed to be in the clouds. Cuteness aside, it's pretty dang convenient. This shelf is home to some books I'm reading at the moment, my little alarm clock (from Salt&Pepper), my retainer, some pens and post it notes for those 4am ideas.

Just above my bed I have a little collection of post it notes. In the middle is my list of 2015 goals. Around the edges are quotes, verses and things I'm believing for at the moment. I've blurred out this picture because some things are private, but I still wanted to share this little corner of my room with you. I really love having this here because it's the first thing I see when I wake up, and it gives me direction for the day. 

On the wall to the left of my door is this light switch. It's really old, and ugly so recently I tried to salvage it with a bit of washi tape. This was another Pinterest inspired project. It was super easy too! All I did was cut the tape and put it over the light switch for an instant makeover.

To the left of my desk is this huge shelving unit. It's classic ikea furniture, very plain and simple. I had fun collecting things and decorating it. This is where I keep all my school books, reading books, and everything else really. Make up and hair products, camera equipment, chargers and all sorts of things.

This is possibly my favourite section of this shelf. I've stacked up all my issues of Yen, It by Alexa Chung and my film camera. So much blogging inspiration in a 30cm square!

So there is my room! I'm so glad I finally decided to share it with you! Let me know what you thought of my room tour in the comments. Also, what would you like to see here on Zola? I'm always open to new post ideas, so let me know. One last thing, be sure to follow Zola on Bloglovin' here so you don't miss a thing xo

17 Feb 2015

Room Tour // Part One

Finally comes the day when I am showing you my room! I redecorated it almost a year ago now (time flies woah) and I've been planning on showing it to you ever since. But I'm one of those people with a massive Pinterest board full of ideas, and every time I went to share my room this little voice in my head would say 'oh I'll just add this, then it'll be finished' and you can imagine where that went.

Recently I've come to the conclusion that my room is forever going to be an unfinished project - a perfect imperfection. I've tried to reflect that in my photos. My room is a liveable space, it's practical and its not necessarily pristine. So with no further edu, welcome to my room!

The first thing you see when you walk into my room is the aqua feature wall. It's no secret I love colour - and I spent FOREVER picking this one. I'm very happy with it. It's just bright enough without being a 3yr old finger painting. I tried to mature the space with this Penguin Book print. The other things on my draws are on a constant rotation, but at the moment they are home to my Polaroid and my cactus, Stanley. I'm contemplating covering the whole thing in cacti... That's the latest idea anyway.

Further to the right is a giant window, with my cupboard pushed up against it. In between the two are my polaroids. I haven't quite justified the price of polaroids, so I don't take very many as you can see. But look on the bright side - There are just enough to make the wall look exciting!

One thing I really love in my room is this massive desk. I've got a loft bed with a desk underneath, which you'll see later on. If you haven't noticed, it's flipping huge!! It must be around 2 metres. So great for piles of homework/assignments/books etc. I like to keep my desk relatively clean, keeping just the essentials out. I put a lamp in the corner of the desk for extra light, especially at night. My transparent pen cup holds the rainbow of felt tips I received for Christmas. I also keep my laptop at the back of my desk incase I ever need to use it quickly, or have any assignments. Special mention also goes to my Glasshouse candle. It's one of those situations where I love it so much I'll only use it occasionally, but it sure does make a long day that bit nicer. 

I've decorated the space above my desk with black and white photos. There is something really special about going to the effort to print and display photos, and its something I've done for years now. The photos display some of my best memories, friendships, some favourite photos I've taken, and just generally good times. I print new photos and swap them around every few months, so their always up to date. I picked the black and white because I like the contrast it brings to the rest of the room, and it makes all the photos match relatively well too.

On the wall to the right of my desk, I've made this wall collage out of little things I've collected and found online. This one also changes often, but here's what it looks like at the moment. I'm loving watercolour prints right now, so I added a few to this collage. Inspirational quotes are also a must. I'm not sure what to call the paper balls, but I also scored them for Christmas. I honestly had no idea what to do with them at first, but I rather like them on either side of my collage. I brought the whole thing together with a little washi tape, to keep the colours central throughout. Oh and I am aware it's not November, but the orange looked better with the collage - The things I do for this blog!

I'll be back with part 2 later on this week, so stay tuned and have a great week! Also, I reached 50 followers on Bloglovin' so THANK YOU so so so much. You wonderful people are the reason I do what I do xoxo

10 Feb 2015

On Point

Savannah Wears
Top - Sportsgirl
Vest - Paradisco
Shorts - Lee
Shoes - Rubi
Watch - Ice

As you can see, I had a really good time taking these photos. I'm just pumped up on life at the moment - because hey, life is sweet. I survived my first full week at my new school, and people know me well enough to say hi when I pass them now. If that's not a measure of success, then I don't know what is.

But what was really keeping me going through the school week, was the weekend! I wore this outfit out on Saturday, and I just love it. I saw a dear friend of mine rocking the white on white last week, and decided to give it a shot. This top was a birthday present, that I picked up in Sportsgirl. I fell in love with the simplicity of the pattern, and decided it was a must. I paired it with my white shorts, and copper slides. And how could I forget the vest!? My denim vest is a definite staple in my wardrobe, constantly on repeat, purely because it adds that little something to every outfit.

Anyway, back to Fantastic Saturday. I didn't have to get up at 6am. The End.

Just kidding! That was really nice though... I stayed in bed reading Looking For Alaska by John Green. (pls don't tell me the ending. pls.) After I detached myself from the book, I headed out with my best friends to our local cafe. It was so nice being somewhere familiar, with friendly faces and a menu I have memorised. Not to say I'm not enjoying school, I do like it, I promise! We also happened to run into some other good friends of mine, who I'm also missing having in my classes. We stopped to hang out with them, which was just peachy. Again thanks life! So here's to great friends, chicken burgers, outfits I really like, books and weekends.

#sorrynotsorry for the exessive optimism and rather wordy post. Also, I'm always looking for some new blogs to read and cool people to have a chat with so get commenting your favourite blogs! Oh also, I'm even closer to 50 followers on Bloglovin' so if you want to follow, click here :)

Have a great week!

3 Feb 2015

What's In My Pencil Case

If you're reading this, both you and I have survived the first week of school. Just. This year I've moved to a school about 3 times bigger than my old school, so it's been a blur of (very) early mornings, new faces and getting lost in buildings. As of about an hour ago, I can also say I survived a compulsory sport trial, and I almost enjoyed it. Who knew stepping out of your comfort zone could be such a good thing!? 

I thought I'd beat my back to school blues with a fun 'What's in My Pencil Case' post. This is a bit of a spin on the widely popular 'What's in My Bag'. so if you're into looking through other peoples things then this one goes out to you. 

I had such a struggle looking for a pencil case this year, (mainly because I'm so indecisive) but I finally picked this one from Typo. I'm really loving navy at the moment because of its effortless sophistication, and gold is obviously always a must. Who doesn't love a little sparkle? 

I've never had one of these Typo pencil cases before, but I'm loving the two zipper compartments. Everything fits neatly - and I'm feeling super organised.

Firstly, I've got all the useful stuff in my pencil case. My pens are Ink-joys, which I use religiously. Their triangular, and quite thick, making them super easy to write with. White out is an obvious must - because everyone makes mistakes, right? I've also got this mad little ruler. It folds in half to fit in my pencil case, but it can unfold to the size of a full length ruler. Best. Invention. Ever. The only downside is that this one clicks as it unfolds, which has caused some awkward situations in the past - particularly in exams...

I scored these Kikki K pens for Christmas, and they're in my pencil case because their pretty more than anything else. That said though, nothing makes you write neatly quite like pretty pens. Being Kikki K, they are also great quality, and very nice to write with. 

Isn't this cute!? I'll let you in on a secret. It's not actually a tiny pineapple, its a USB. Wow didn't I trick you ha. ha. ha. I found this in Kmart of all places. I'm pretty sure all my files will be on the cloud going into senior school this year, but I figured carrying a USB couldn't hurt - especially when its shaped like a pineapple!

Highlighters!! Highlighters are my saviours, especially in Maths. When I understand a topic I often find myself highlighting and writing all over everything. My brain works in rainbows I guess.  At the start of highschool I got a huge pack of these Staedtler Textsurfer Classic highlighters and every year since I have spent a solid 10 minutes at the start of every year deciding which colours I want to take. No joke. How sad is my life? Don't answer that. 

Speaking of how much I love Maths, meet my calculator and friends! I'd like to point out that I had to buy a new calculator because the first one was thrown across a hallway after I'd calculated an exam result as a percentage. Stay in school kids.  

Here's my next attempt to make drawing diagrams fun, my 'Grool' pencil. Not only do I have a collection of highlighters, I also have Mean Girls engraved pencils. There's no place like Etsy for all of your unnecessary purchases! 

Because I couldn't possibly one up a Mean Girls pencil, I'm going to end my pencil case tour right here. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have anything at all you'd like to see on Zola let me know! Comment below, shoot me an email or contact me via Instagram or Twitter. 

I hope you've all had a really fantastic start back to school in Australia. Have a positive attitude this year, and really enjoy school for all it is because it won't last forever! 

Oh one more thing! I'm really close to 50 followers on Bloglovin' and that would really be incredible, so please follow me here. Thanks every one of my followers for being such supportive legends. I really do appreciate you, and I love writing these posts for you :)