25 Feb 2014

Oh Snap! Digital Polaroids!

Hello my lovely people, I hope your having a fabulous week hanging on to the last windy remains of summer. Over the weekend I went to my last summer 2014 beach party, and mucked around with my friends fantastically vintage polaroid camera. I went home with this profound and overwhelming thought - ooooohhhh, I really want one!!!

Being unemployed at the ripe old age of 14, I mainly rely on my parents, and I can't convince them in all their logical ways to pay $2 per beautiful polaroid picture. It was then I got creative. I spend a while crawling the web for digital polaroid generators when I came across my new best digital friend (behind blogger, of course.) Available for Mac, on the App Store, is Instant! For a tiny comparison of $5.49, I was sold. Here's a little review of the ingenious app.

 So, the app looks like this, a pretty little Instant camera, similar to the Instagram one!
 Just drag your photo onto the camera
 Crop your photo into the right shape
 The Instant camera prints out the little strip, just like a real one, you know just not actually real..
 Then wait for the photo to develop. I'd avoiding being a total hipster and doing the 'shake it like a polaroid', if you shake your entire computer you're probably going to break something. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, get yourself into a Typo store already you outsider! Just kidding, your beautiful xx
 Now for my favourite part, pick your filter! You can change your photo to different filters, so they look like their from different time periods. Wahhh I just love this!
 There's also a bunch more settings for stuff like the colour of the slip, and the amount of fingerprints on the photo! Lol!
 Also, add cool captions in different colours and fonts!

Here's our beautiful polaroid! I hope you just love this app as much as I do, and you have an awesome last week of summer. If your popping by a newsagent, pick up an issue of Dolly, and read the Blog Squad. It includes all my FAVOURITE bloggers, and I'm super keen to check it out. I'll leave you with some more of my favourite digi-polaroids :)
Savannah xx

18 Feb 2014

Flower Child

Flower Crown - Lovisa
Overalls - Factorie
Shirt - Cotton On
Shoes - Vans
Jumper - Jay Jays
Good evening lovelies, I'm having a sick day today, featuring books, loom bracelets, and episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I'm about to fall asleep, so lets keep this short and sweet. I wore this outfit on my saturday adventure to IKEA!!!!! I currenly have a whole new (and almost entirely unassembled) room! It's inspired by the most wonderful Miss Tasman's kimono and overalls post, which I just adore. A kimono is up there on my wishlist at the moment, along with converse and some happy socks! What's on yours??


Savannah xx

11 Feb 2014

Hooked on Loom

This Tuesday I'm bringing to you the latest craze for what? like 10 year old girls? Their called Loom Bracelets. My cousin, no longer a 10 year old girl, (she turned 11 today, happy birthday Laura!!) made me one of these, and I thought it was pretty cool so I wore it ALL the time. You need this little kit to make them, which I don't have so I thought I couldn't make any more. I thought wrong. Reccently, a friend of mine saw the one I was wearing and showed me how to make them on 2 pens! You'll need the little elastics and an S hook. Oh, and the 2 pens. 
Here's how to:

Loop your first elastic around your pens, like a figure 8.

 Add another 2 elastics over the first one. Don't 'figure 8' these ones as you did with the first.

Hook up each side of the elastic, looking it into the space between the pens, as below.

Now, add another elastic on top, and repeat. There should always be three elastics on the pen.

Keep repeating and you will see this pattern form. When you have a wrist/ankle length bracelet, your ready to finish.

Loop over all of the elastics, and stretch the final one as below.

Add the hook to one end, then hook it onto the other end.

It should look a little something like that. I did a quick one, so it was small. Loom Ring? That's so not a thing.. anyway.. Here's some other ones I've made :)

For more cool ideas, check out the Loom Love website here!

Sorry about the serious lack of outfit posts, I'm trying to do different things. Shoot me an email and tell me what you think. Anyways, I had one planned for this week, and ended up having a bit of a crazy weekend, but never fear, there's one coming! I'm going to Ikea this weekend, totally re-doing my room!

Hope you enjoyed this,
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4 Feb 2014

The Cruise Ship Diaries

Tuesday is back everybody! This tuesday featured rain, a headache, 3 hours of maths homework, and a lost VIP-OP (very important piece of paper). Awesome. So, I thought today would be a suitable day to #throwback to where I would much rather be. Toward the end of the summer holidays I went on a spectacular cruise ship called Celebrity Solstice.

 We boarded in beautiful Circular Quay, Sydney, and watched the sun set from the best seat in the house, before leaving port.

On day 2, I woke up to this beautiful sunset.
 Obviously the duty free shopping was pretty high on the priority list. I was enjoying the extensive amount of Channel No. 5 :)

The food was totally awesome. Above was a meal I had for dinner one night, and also possibly the best mocktail I have ever had. It was strawberry flavoured!

I met a bunch of really cool people my age, and we did a zumba class together, which is something I've always wanted to do. No shame.
Also, I met Dan Churchill (as seen on MasterChef). Dan was on board promoting his new book 'The Healthy Cook'. It's pretty cool actually, and Dan is a really nice guy. Check out his passion here.

That's all for now. I hope everyone had a good first week of school, and more importantly, I really hope you have less homework than me. 
Stay Chilled,
Savannah x