28 Jan 2014

The Best School Hairstyle Ever

Today is a very sad day for all Australian students. Today, Tuesday the 28th of January, marks the last day of summer holidays. Today marks the last of endless weekdays spent in the sunshine. Tomorrow its back to timetables, early mornings, classes, teachers, packed lunches, and another thing. Tomorrow I have to tie my hair up for school, which I really do not like doing. So, today I thought I'd share in my opinion, the best school hairstyle.

This is of course the messy bun. The perfect combination of work and play. With so many ways to make it your own, a messy bun will even fit into the 28 seconds you have left to do your hair!

On a bit of a side note, my hair is obviously ridiculously curly. A bit has to happen before I even start doing anything with it. For those of you with curls, here's what I do: Have a shower in the morning, condition your hair with a moisturising conditioner, and wash it all out. Next, comb your hair with an afro comb under the shower. Before drying your hair, I rub through 'Paul Mitchell, The Conditioner'. This is one of the most fabulous products ever. Finally, Just twirl your hair around your fingers in that flirty way you have already mastered :) Now, for the messy bun.

 First, brush out your hair and tie it into a pony tail. The easiest way to do this is to bend over, and let your hair fall down around your stomach. Rake your hair through it, and tie it into a pony tail. I prefer a high style, but doing it low works too for a more professional style.

 Next, hook your first two fingers under your elastic, stretching it out a little.

Pull your pony tail back through the elastic, just over 3/4 of the way.
Now it's time to get messy with your messy bun! Twist it around and pull a few bits out around your face until you get it how you like it.f your feeling a little creative, leave a piece of your hair out of your messy bun, and plait it around the base of your finished style.

Ribbon is also a cute touch, you'll find one in you school colours in most $2 shops. 

Thats my School Hair Tutorial all about done, so have fun playing around with that. I hope everyone has a really great first day of school! Remember - Chins up, Smiles on. -Effie Trinket.

Savannah xo

20 Jan 2014

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

Hey Y'all! This is my official blog re-launch. I'm on school holidays at the moment, and have spent countless hours making the blog that little bit more beautiful. I think it's a thing that I will always play with, it will never really be finished, but I'm really liking the way it looks at the moment!

The new theme is obviously the biggest change, I picked it up on Etsy for around $20, bargain! I've also added a few new pages for you to check out. Their pretty self-explanitory, just have a little click around! Also, If you haven't heard yet, I am now posting new content every Tuesday night. Also new, a bunch of new social media pages. Click on each for Instagram - Facebook - Tumblr - Bloglovin' - Twitter

Ok, Now for the fun part. I'm doing the 50 Random Facts About Me tag tonight! I saw it on one of my favourite blogs, Emily Jane. She didn't really tag anyone, just asked for people to get involved, and I thought, seeing this is a re-launch, it would be a fun way for my readers to get to know me. So.. Here goes..

1. My favourite colour is orange
2. My favourite animal is a flamingo
3. I'm a Christian
4. I've got a rabbit named Miley, who is too fat to twerk. She's almost 3kg. Most rabbits are about 1.5kg so I'm pretty sure that counts as  rabbit obesity.
5. The only sport I do is Sailing
6. I've been overseas 3 times, to New Zealand, America and Singapore
7. I love Pretty Little Liars!!!
8. I've recently realised I wear a lot of clothes with food on them.. I've got a skirt with oranges on them, a shirt with ice cream, a dress with tomato soup cans, and PJ's with doughnuts :)
9. I found the Channel No. 5 Wildfox jumper in an Op Shop for $12 (Score!)
10. I love debating, I'm usually 3rd speaker
11. I'm an android person
12. I love love love painting my nails
13. 13 is my lucky number, I'm not superstitious, I'm a HUGE Swiftie!!
14. I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up
15. I write a bucket list for every school holidays. These holidays it included doing a Zumba class, which I did on the weekend. It was so fun!!
16. My favourite perfume is Wonderstruck Enchanted
17. I desperately want a Marc Jacobs perfume, just the bottles are masterpieces!
18. My favourite subject at school is english, obviously I love to write :)
19. Some favourite names of mine are Ruby, Bailey and Tigerlily
20. The worst mark I've ever gotten on an exam is 68%
21. I've read the Hunger Games trilogy twice, my favourite character is Cinna
22. My favourite TV show as a kid was Phineas and Ferb. I watched it like every day before I went to school
23. Summer is my favourite season
24. I love love love going on camps! As long as their not hiking..
25. My favourite day of the year is Christmas, because it's like my birthday but I can share it with everyone!
26. I'm definitely a morning person
27. I really want to visit Japan!
28. If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd want to live on Manly Beachfront, Sydney.
29. My familys mutual favourite stores are Aldi, Officeworks and Costco.
30. I love stationary! Last week I got the coolest pencilcase from Pavement!
31. I love to cook!
32. I spend a lot of time reading
33. My favourite celebrity is a tie between Taylor Swift and Glen Gerreyn.
34. My parents thought I was going to be a boy, so my room was blue until I was 8, then I painted it pink.. just to make clear to everyone I was in fact a girl.
35. I can't wistle :(
36. I broke my pinky finger when I was 12, and the doctor who fixed it joked that he was going to try and make it straighter than all the others, and he actually did. My pinky is heaps straighter.
37. I hate tea and coffee
38. I have the best hot chocolate recipie. The secret is a lid full of vanilla essence
39. I really want a pair of white converse!
40. I'm one of those people that smiles at whoever looks at me
41. Before I got into blogging, I was really into photography. I had a photography account on Instagram that reached around 300 followers :)
42. I'm a pretty social person
43. I don't really care when people talk bad about me, I don't want to be friends with gossips anyway. ew.
44. I really really hate bullying
45. I think I use the world really too much
46. I hate scary movies
47. I've got a build a bear named Pebbles
48. I've got a big pinboard in my room
49. I got a bubble wrap calendar for Christmas
50. I'm really looking foreward to The Fault In Our Stars movie. I love John Green, it's the sweetest soul wrenching book ever.

Wow. That took a solid 45 minutes. Hope you liked it! Savannah xo

14 Jan 2014


Savannah Wears 
Top - Cotton On
Pants - Target
Ring - ?

Hey yo, welcome to 2014!! I'm home from QLD now, and am kicking it super casual with these awesome pants from Free Fusion at Target, #noshame. These are the most comfortable things in the world, perfect for my endless days doing nothing with my friends.  I also wanted to point out this stellar lime ring I scored for my birthday, isn't it the cutest!? Along with slicing watermelons and sitting on the beach, I'm also pouring a tonne of time into this blog. I'm hereby declaring 2014 THE YEAR OF THE BLOG. Yes, that is totally capitals worthy. 

Theres a bunch of new stuff just around the corner. You might have noticed the new theme, I hope you're loving it as much as I am! Also, I've added a bunch of new social media pages, which you can check out through my links. Coming up is an official blog re-launch, which will feature a Q and A. If you have any questions, email me! I'm planning the coolest giveaway, prepare yourself, it's going to be goooood! Finally, the last thing you need to know is this year I will be posting EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT! Also capitals worthy. Stay tuned my lovelies, hope you're having an ice - cream filled summer  

8 Jan 2014

Eumundi Markets

As you may or may not know, I'm in a small town in Queensland at the moment, which brings with it good and bad things. The bad thing is I dont have any reception, so appologies for the lack of updates for the next little while. The good thing is last saturday my family and I took a drive down to the Eumundi Markets.

The Eumundi markets are located in the town on Eumundi (pronounced YOU-MUN-DEE), a short drive from Noosa. The Eumundi markets are like an all-you-can-buy buffet of every wonderful thing you can possibly think of (except a unicorn. sorry.) There is such an array of stalls, from food, to massages, but naturally the fashion stalls are my favourite. I just adore the unique-ness of small market designers!

If you are thinking of heading to the markets, here are a few tips.
- Go EARLY. Most stalls open by 7am, so if you're keen, be there at 7. It gets ridiculously hot and crowded later in the day.
-Water/Hat/Sunscreen. I probably sound like your mum, but it gets really hot in Eumundi during the day.
-Park in the School. The school is a block behind the main road. Parking is $5, you can stay as long as you want, and its as close as you're going to get to the markets.

Happy Market Shopping
Savannah xo