27 Oct 2015

GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED (and I was in a musical!?)

Wooowooowooowooooooo giveaway winners!! I know I sound like that person that wins an awesome prize on the radio and can't even pretend to sound excited. I promise I was just tired, I am actually REALLY EXCITED!! Also, I stayed up late editing this because I love you so enjoy. What no I didn't Mum. I'm 12 now. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about videos, but I think I'm warming up to them. At the same time, I feel like my face is really weird in this video and I'm opening myself up to a whole world of painful screenshots being shared across the Internet for the next 25 years. Pls no guys. You've been warned. 

13 Oct 2015

OCTOBER Playlist

I'm going to confess, I think music makes me really antisocial sometimes. A friend pointed this out months ago and I got really defensive but I'm now realising its so true. I've had a few occasions where I've been walking around school listening to a really great song and have literally pretended not to hear someone saying hi to avoid pausing my song. I'm just visualising everyone at my school mentally saying 'dang I knew she was ignoring me.' Sorry guys. Pausing songs is one of my biggest pet peeves. Music just isn't supposed to be like that. Don't be an antisocial music emo guys its a black hole.

But for times like right now, music is great. It's Saturday night, everyones out and I'm in my bed, writing this. Maybe hanging out with myself is an only child thing, but I feel like nights in are seriously underrated. I've spent my night eating pizza in pyjamas and stilettos (gotta wear in shoes somehow ok?), and I plan on watching Gossip Girl till the early morning. What could possibly be better?

In terms of other news, my life is being over-run by the school musical! Our opening night is in less than a week and I'm SO keen. The story is set in the 1930s so its all dresses, florals, and New York glamour. We have a full hair, make up and costume run tomorrow which should be interesting. I'm sure there'll be some selfies to come. Also, had a revelation at sailing today. First, I realised that the word island comes from the world land. Then I realised its probably short for isolated land. What a revelation, right!?!?!? Yeah, I'm a pretty easily pleased person.

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6 Oct 2015



You might've seen on my Instagram last weekend, that Zola Blog has been running for over 2 years now! Such exciting times! I was going to post a photo from 2 years ago, but they were all so cringe-worthy I thought I'd just leave them there for people to stalk in private... Go ahead. But first - finish reading this!

Thank you very much to everyone that congratulated me for hitting 2 years, but it's honestly such a pleasure. Blogging is something I adore, and hopefully something I'll be doing for a long time coming. Without going on, this blog wouldn't be possible without you incredible readers. I've talked to so many of you incredible, friendly, beautiful people so thank you!! Thank you for reading and sharing and following and everything you do. I've put together a giveaway just for you, mainly because I walked into Kikki K and I couldn't resist. #justbloggerthings 

The giveaway includes:
1 x Kikki K 2016 diary
2 x Kikki K pens
1 x Pack of Instax Mini Polaroid film
2 x EOS Lipbalms (Summer Fruit and Lemon)

How to Enter
1. Follow @zolablog on Instagram
2. Find this photo on my Instagram (@zolablog), and tag a friend in the comments

It's that easy! The more friends you tag, the more chance you have of winning!

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Competition closes 27th of October. Good luck and have a great week!
S x

4 Oct 2015


Just to top off the holiday spam, I made this fun little video for you guys! It's a lot more behind the scenes of what we did while in Hong Kong compared to the photos I posted earlier this week.

For the Sydney-siders out there, I've been explaining Hong Kong as a giant, much better version of Paddies Markets. They have markets everywhere, for everything. Just wild! We went to flower markets and computer markets, shoe markets, fish markets, clothes markets and food markets.

We also spent a day in China, which was a massive culture shock for me. The air really is as gross as everyone says, and I think I nearly fainted. It was all quite dramatic and scary, but I survived. Shopping in China is awesome, so no regrets there. My friend Nikkii and I (see video for more weird Nikkii <3) had dresses made in China too, which was super fun!

Another highlight was Disneyland, because I am 12 and I am proud. I have so much love for Disneyland. I went on Space Mountain for the first time in my life (and the second, and the third...) and just loved all the terribly brilliant cheesy-ness that is Disneyland. Can we please get Disneyland in Australia?

To see the rest of our adventuring, check out the video below.
S x

P.S. Something reallyyyyy exciting is coming to Zola this Tuesday!11!!!!!11!
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