4 Oct 2015


Just to top off the holiday spam, I made this fun little video for you guys! It's a lot more behind the scenes of what we did while in Hong Kong compared to the photos I posted earlier this week.

For the Sydney-siders out there, I've been explaining Hong Kong as a giant, much better version of Paddies Markets. They have markets everywhere, for everything. Just wild! We went to flower markets and computer markets, shoe markets, fish markets, clothes markets and food markets.

We also spent a day in China, which was a massive culture shock for me. The air really is as gross as everyone says, and I think I nearly fainted. It was all quite dramatic and scary, but I survived. Shopping in China is awesome, so no regrets there. My friend Nikkii and I (see video for more weird Nikkii <3) had dresses made in China too, which was super fun!

Another highlight was Disneyland, because I am 12 and I am proud. I have so much love for Disneyland. I went on Space Mountain for the first time in my life (and the second, and the third...) and just loved all the terribly brilliant cheesy-ness that is Disneyland. Can we please get Disneyland in Australia?

To see the rest of our adventuring, check out the video below.
S x

P.S. Something reallyyyyy exciting is coming to Zola this Tuesday!11!!!!!11!
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