29 Jul 2014

A Day In The Life Of Me

Alas, we are 3 weeks into deep tumblr procrastination stage. We are also into the watching The Vow for the first time stage. We however, are not into the completing assignments stage. That is still proving too much for me.

I thought tonight I would review to a simpler time, where I spent days frolicking through bold fashions and exotic foods. Obviously, I am referring to that of the blissful winter holidays. This is a video I made with my friend Caitlyn, pretty much just following us and what we did. Please enjoy delving into our debatably fabulous lives in this 2 minute clip with ridiculously fabulous background music.

Let me know what you think of my vlogs by DMing me on Instagram! Have a great week!
P.S. Sorry for the beyond aweful quality. I have this little camera that my Dad bought me. Ok. It's from K-Mart. But it looks like a GoPro - and I was pretending to be a vlogger, so you know, obviously nessasary :)

23 Jul 2014

My Blogroll

Today I thought I would share with you a few of the blogs I follow! Most of these are fashion blogs, amongst a few other things. I'm always open to following new blogs, so definitely let me know if you have any favourites, or maybe even write your own!

I think Views Of Now was the very first blog I started reading, so obvs very inspiring for me! Isabelle has the most fantastic wardrobe that she shares through her posts. I think she has a little bit of OCD as to where she shoots for posts, resulting in awesome photos. Another thing that messes with my head is that I've never see her wearing the same thing twice!

One of the few you tubers I can tolerate (sorry-not-sorry!), Zoella is the name on everyone's lips. Her videos are fun, thanks to her comfortable, honest attitude with  viewers. I've found Her tutorials and hauls are super useful too!

Oh the sweet joys of New Jersey told by fashion and travel enthusiast, and cool blogger buddy, Isabella. She is super creative with what she posts, and always does it to a high standard, with beautiful photos and giggle worthy writings. (P.S. Follow this one on Instagram @lostbutnotfound. She deserves heaps more followers than she's got!)

Vanilla Craft Blog is possibly the most useful thing you will ever read- like ever. Whether your a blogger, or a reader, your bound to take something away from this blog. Whether it's some new photoshop skills, something DIY, bedroom inspiration, or maybe just a laugh. There is always something new here!

These girls. Oh my. Lily and Ind I discovered on Tumblr a while back, and I am in love with their style. These two are undoubtedly the mixed print queens of the century, always managing to make the most unlikely of combinations look a million bucks!

For starters, each post comes with a translation to a language that I literally cannot even recognize. The exotic vibes are real!!! Fashion from the other side of the world is awesome, and ridiculously inspiring - but brings with it the struggles of stores I cannot access. #firstworldproblems

Emma Lucey of Spin Dizzy Fall is  my posh spice. Her outfits ooze with professionalism and glamour. Her endless collaborations with sweet brands and labels make me more jealous than I care to admit...

This lovely works in a perfect pastel colour scheme that my fluorescent brain cannot fathom, yet I love it so much. Anything related to design Chloe just nails,  everything from her blog layout, to her Instagram, to her tumblr is utterly flawless. And just to top it off - she codes the whole thing herself! Step back!

This gal is one plant eating, bush walking, health guru in training. Her cool nature (pun intended 😂) results in the most fabulously styled outfits and breathtaking adventure documenting.

This little lovely reminds me of the fun of blogging. Her posts are like a breath of life on my bloglovin feed. Whenever I get bogged down with followers (or lack of), blog design or social media I love to flick to this blog! Harper is such a free spirit, with a talent for writing. She posts what she feels - and rocks at it!

So, these are the blogs I adore! Cya next Tuesday!

P.S. As I write this, the news is on in the background reporting about the Malaysia Airlines flight shooting that has happened recently in Russia. I'm just overwhelmed by how tragic this is and I want to extend my greatest sympathies to any families that have been effected x

P.P.S. Thanks so my friend Annelise for ending my epic struggles with the blogger app. Shoot this gal some love on her Instagram @annelisekerrison 

15 Jul 2014

Terrigal Video Diary (MY VERY FIRST VLOG!)

Goooood evening readers! I am so very excited about this post, it is literally the first thing I'm doing after arriving home. Yes, I went to school today. *Sigh* All I'm going to say, is that I have a healthy love hate relationship with timetables, and HTML coding. (It's for an assignment guys, chill.) Well, its more of a hate for HTML but lets forget that happened and reminisce to the sweet holiday bliss.

Over the holidays Mum and I ducked up to one of our favourite places, Terrigal, located on the Central Coast of Sydney. I thought I would shoot a video of our trip, which I did obviously, and it was so super fun! I've made a whole Youtube channel now, and I'm feelin' so fancyyy, so you can expect more vlogs in the future. Let me know if you have any video suggestions you'd like to see me do. You can contact me through Instagram (@zolablog), Twitter (@zolablog) or Tumblr (zola-blog)
Have a great week!

6 Jul 2014

17 Things To Do These Winter Holidays

Ahh Winter holidays... Another thing I have a serious love/hate relationship with. It's no secret that I am most definitely a summer gal. I love being at the beach. I can actually see the beach from my house, and  I've never actually been surfing... Sports aren't really my thing! I always get off track don't I?

Over the years, I've realised Winter holidays seriously lack sunshine, because its all in the Northern Hemisphere. Sharing is caring I guess :/ With the relaxed beach days ruled out by 18 degree temps, it leaves me and many other Australians posing the question 'What the heck do we do now?' To minimalise that infuriating holiday boredom, I made a list! I love lists :)

Hello! Long time no see! I actually haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, I've been on a leadership sorta camp for the past week (which was totally amazing, and inspiring and just more fab than nutella.) Anywho, I had this post planned to post before I left, which err.. obviously didn't happen because my Safari crashed. #winning. After much deliberation I've decided I'll post it anyway, even though the holidays are now half over. I figured by now the cold might be seriously limiting your entertainment ideas, as it so often does with mine, resulting in utter boredom. That said, heres 17 things to do these Winter Holidays.
  1. Go to a Chocolate Cafe - Cafes like Max Brenner or San Churros are on my list of Must-Go places, especially if your a chocoholic! These guys do all sorts of sweet goodness, and obviously the best hot chocolate around. 
  2. Make a Vlog/Blog - If you like reading my blog, or others, take this holiday time to set up your own. I use blogger, which is easy and totally free! You could even explore the land of vlogging. I'm quite keen on recording some vlogs. I don't know how they work as well as I do blogs, but they sure do look like a lot of fun.
  3. Watch Classic Movies - Classics bring a whole new definition to movie marathons. Some of them are just so cheesy. Gold. My favourites are The Breakfast Club, and Back to The Future. I also love Ferris Bueler's Day off and obviously, Mean Girls. I'm not sure if they count as classics just yet...
  4. Visit a Museum - A fun one! I promise! Sometimes they do unexpectedly cool exhibits, Google your local ones to see what is on these holidays. My favourite is the Contemporary Art Museum in Sydney. Contemporary art is just so funny sometimes because you look at, and your like 'someone paid millions of dollars for this. I could've done that. I could be rich.'
  5. Go Bowling/Laser Tag-ing - This is fun with a big group of your friends, especially if your a competitive bunch. There are some really well set up places now, with all sorts of fun lighting and things.
  6. Bake - Theres nothing quite like homemade brownies. Spend your extra free time whipping up some treats for you and your friends (or maybe just you?!)
  7. Go Op Shopping - Op Shopping is one of my favourite things, I make sure I go every holidays. Op Shops aren't really for poor people, or unfashionable people etc etc. Op Shopping is really big right now, and its so fun when you find an awesome new piece for your wardrobe! I scored a coat yesterday for like $15! I've found the best Op Shops tend to be in the more trendy parts of town, so if you have a local area with a rep for being high end, sort out their Op Shop immediately.
  8. Do DIY's - Another one of my faves! I do a new DIY every holidays. Go on Pinterest, and there are tonnes of great DIY's. Some I've done lately are pen cups, cactus pots, nail polish purses, and washi tape chargers 
  9. Go Bushwalking - The weather is pretty clear in Sydney at the moment, and obviously it isn't very warm, resulting in the perfect bushwalking conditions! Theres some really nice walks around the coast too, I'm keen to do the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk.
  10. Go Paddle Boarding - If you're feeling particularly outdoorsey, head on down to your closest lake and give paddle boarding a shot. It's quite a relaxing, slow paced sport (or activity?) and you shouldn't get to wet.
  11. Raise Money for a Charity - Raising money for charity is such a rewarding thing to do, and it can be really fun as well. Think about what you rock at, and pick a charity to contribute the funds to. If your stuck for ideas, set up a bake sale, craft stall, movie night, sell photography or art.
  12. Get Your Nails Done - This one is cheaper than people think. Look into the nail places at your local mall, and plan a fun afternoon with the girls. Enjoy the trashy magazines and endless polish colour options. 
  13. Have a DIY Day Spa - If you wanna go down a different route, set up your own day spa! Source some facial recipes online, and pull the candles out for a relaxing day. 
  14. Send Appreciation Postcards - There's nothing better than receiving a little snail mail, so take the time out to buy some elcheapo postcards, and write a quick note to your friend to let them know how much they rock.
  15. Set Up a Photobooth - I set up a photobooth with friends a few weeks ago, and it was so great! Download some printable props, or delve into the old dress ups and have fun messing around in front of the camera. If you don't have a tripod, improvise with a stack of books, or a table.
  16. Go on a Picnic - Pack up some snacks and head to the nearest park. Bring some cards for some oldschool entertainment. 
  17. Learn a New Skill - There is so much you can learn on Youtube, so now you've got some extra time to play with, think of something you've always wanted to pick up. It might be nail art, photography, origami, music, sewing, baking, skating, or even extreme ping pong. I don't even know if that is a thing. 
So there it is, 17 things to do these winter holidays. I really hope you have a great week. As far as my week goes, I've been inspired by Isabella (viewsofnow.com) and her new youtube channel, so I'm making some vlog videos this week! Coming soon to a browser near you :)