30 Sep 2014


Just to put it out there. Today marks the 1st birthday of Zola Blog. Since my humble beginnings of fashion photos taken in my backyard, I've had a year of amazing growth and enjoyed every minute of it.

As much time as I put into my blog, its really nothing without my amazing readers! You all mean the world to me, and today I am saying thank you with a GIVEAWAY! Woo!

This bad boy features a whole bunch of my favourite products, that I've hand picked just for you! Two classic striped tapes, from Typo, A Born Lippy in watermelon, from The Body Shop, A triangle ring from Lovisa, 5 mini blocks of white chocolate, An aqua nail polish from Sportsgirl, and an awesome holographic clutch from Lovisa! What more could a girl want!

Entering is easy as 1, 2, 3.
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The winner will be selected randomly, and announced on the 4th of November. So good luck everyone! And have a fab week x

23 Sep 2014

Blue Sky Shenanigans

Its been 23 days since we let go of Winter, and ever since the season changed I've been desperate for beach days, and with the start of these holidays, they've finally started! Over the weekend, my gal pals and I celebrated the start of the blissful holiday period in the sunshine, with bare feet (and sunscreen! #whitegirl #iburnsoeasily #faketanrepping)

The water in Sydney is sitting at a... refreshing 18 degrees, so at the moment the swimming is only for the hardcore, and the proud owners of wetsuits. After a bit of a picnic feast, we decided to do a little exploring/photography. Instead of the surprise attack selfies that are currently spamming my snapchat (you know who you are.), I thought I'd kick it up a notch with some shots from our blue sky shenanigans. Enjoy!

Have a great holiday week everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks post - THE GIVEAWAY IS COMING!!

16 Sep 2014

Hair Inspiration

Looking back on this now it seems I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of images I included in this post...I just love these inspiration posts! As you can see, this weeks post features the most inspiring hair images I could find. A little something for everyone I feel! There is just so much you can do with your hair - especially if it's straight. I envy you!

Braids are one of my best friends, because my hair is layered. There are so many amazing different braids out there, and many of them are easier than you might think. Master a simple french braid, and the only way is up!

Another hair trend I'm loving at the moment is coloured hair! Especially pale purples/pinks, and dark red/browns. I've been dreaming of a little Ariana Grande/Jenny Gross (Winners and Losers! Best show!!) inspired red hair. I thought it would be fun to try out a little bit of red for summer, which really, is just around the corner! (Ok, maybe I'm being a little optimistic, I'm sitting at my desk in summer PJs, cocooned in 3 blankets)

The number one hairstyle I just can't get over is the bob. After my frizztastic bob of 2006, the bob has made a rather stylish comeback. The reason I love it over the typical long straight hair is its utter versatility! A bob can be any length within the ear to shoulder sort of range, and can be casual, formal, or anything in between. My favourites are the longer bobs, with the loose salt spray look. Another massive upside for this cut is that its totally achievable for most hair types. Just a quick chop, a spriz of salt spray and you're done.

If you like these photos, and want to see more, be sure to follow my tumblr for a indie, fashionable mess. Have a great week xx

P.S. Let me know what you think of the red hair in the comments below/on Instagram! (@zolablog)

Disclaimer: None of these amazing photos are mine. I don't take any credit for them, but rather give all credit to the rightful owners :)

9 Sep 2014

Peace, Love, Bart Simpson.

Beanie - Rubi Shoes
Choker - Tropix
Top (Worn Under) - Big W
Shirt - Glebe Markets
Jeans - Cotton On
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Ice

After last weeks semi-sunny bliss, Sydney weather has hurtled all too quickly toward a full on freeze. On Saturday our plans for a Spring Fair were washed (Or should I say flooded...) out. Beanies were in order. I teamed my much loved mustard beanie with this new find from Glebe Markets. To be perfectly honest, I was never even allowed to watch the Simpsons, but I just couldn't go past this print! Isn't it just so much fun!? My classic black jeans and trusty Converse finished it off, for this easy look.

We spent the afternoon at the mall crushing over new season shorts and sun dresses as it continued to pour. We also often go on a hunt for the ugliest piece of clothing or accessory we can find. This time we selected a dress from a store that will remain unnamed. It had much likeness to a black garbage bag, only with a lower cut... Enjoy that mental image.

Apart from that I've had a rather long week, as the count down toward holidays begins. It's 11 days people. Lately, I've spent much of my time reading my ever growing book stack (it now rests at 6...), enjoying endless rainbow Snapchats, and contemplating applying for a summer job. Much stress on the last one. I've seriously been asking every wise person I know whether I should get a job. If you're feeling particularly wise feel free to add your opinions in the comments below!

This post is quickly turning toward a full blown verbal vomit session, so I'll leave it with this one last crucial detail. Tomorrow marks the first Revolution Red Campaign. It's an event run by The Roar Effect, which aims to eradicate youth suicide by the year 2020 by sharing hope. This is such a great campaign, and you can support it by wearing a little red. Even if it's just a red ribbon with your school uniform, or a red pair of socks; it's saying 'I have hope that we can and will eradicate youth suicide'. For full details check out The Roar Effect website and follow @theroareffect on Instagram. 

2 Sep 2014

Q + A

Spring has sprung! I've been embracing the end of the hibernation months with ice cream and 7 minute workouts. Yep, balanced lifestyle guys. If you're following me on Instagram (@zolablog) you would've seen I've been planning a Q and A video. As you can probably tell, this is not a Q and A video. 
I don't want to get into the details but it started with a full start up disk, and ended with a seriously upset Savannah. I've come to the conclusion that I can just do another Q and A video later on. For now, here is a non-video Q and A. 

What camera do you use?
I love cameras, so I've got a few. I use my phone (iPhone 5C) camera and my Fujifilm XP60. The main camera I use for blogging is my Cannon 600D with a 55mm-250mm (wide angle) lense. It's so versatile and user friendly!

What inspired you to make a blog?
This is not your typical story. It started with me forgetting my google password. I was resetting my password, and I stumbled upon this blog I made when I was about 11. It was really lame and had like 2 posts but I was like hey! I should make a new blog! So I did.

After I restarted my blog, I started reading Vanilla Craft Blog and A Little Birdy, which were super inspiring and helped me to develop my blog.
Where do you get ideas for posts?
Inspiration is everywhere! I love to read posts from other blogs, and get inspiration from them. I also like to think of things that would be useful or interesting for you guys, my readers. Another big thing is just things I want to share, for example my Washi Tape post or my outfit posts.

How can I be a Sav?
Well first your going to need 3 cups of plain flour, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Combine with a wooden spoon and bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. 

Alternatively, be yourself! You're great!

How do you post so regularly?
For me a big part of making this blog run is organization. I've got all my posts planned out for months, and I know I have to have them sorted by Tuesday. I guess it prevents procrastination too! If you struggle with posting regularly you have to make sure you're motivated, as well. You have to enjoy blogging, because if you don't enjoy it you're going to have to push yourself to do it - and really, what's the point? 
Make sure you keep motivated, and stay organised!
How would you describe your style?
Ahh I don't think I fall into a stereotype style category, because what I wear pretty much depends on my mood. Usually I can be found in brightly coloured clothing and fun prints. Oddly enough, my friends have noticed I own a considerably large amount of clothing featuring food prints. As Fat Amy says - I've got a fat heart. Yes. I did just reference that.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?
In summer, my Sundays are spent sailing at my local club. Sailing is the best, because my club is filled with such amazing people, and I'm so close with them all. Sundays are spent hanging out with them on and off the water, and nothing beats that. 

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
This is a seriously difficult question. Ice cream is one of my favourite things ever. In summer, I can't go past fruity ice cream; things like strawberry and watermelon. In winter I'm just in hardcore sugar mode and I love love love a little caramel or honeycomb. Mint is also great any time of year.

What do you do on rainy days?
As much as it saddens me, most rainy days I am forced to peel myself out of bed and head to school. It's compulsory. However, when I get the bliss of staying inside in the rain, I love to get my chef on and whip up something delicious!

Where do you get style inspiration?
Again, other bloggers! My favourite fashion bloggers are Isabella from Views of Now, and Araina from Miss Tasman. Another place where I get inspiration is fashion shoots from my favourite stores. You can find them on the store website. Sportsgirl is one of my favourites for cool shoots.  Another place I get inspiration for fashion is Yen Magazine! I love their little style collages, and creative shoots.

Do you have any awesome future plans that you can share?
Post-wise I have quite a few posts planned that I am excited about. I've been planning a room tour for ages, which is finally coming! I've also styled some new outfits that I am keen to share. But the big one I'm excited about is A GIVEAWAY!! 

I'm so excited for this one! The giveaway is coming up this month, and I'm sourcing out some super cool stuff to giveaway! Watch this space!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Just for the record, I don't think I'm growing. I've been 5ft for ages... But when I finish school I'm planning on going to Uni. As a career, I think it would be really fun to work in marketing for a fashion label. I love commerce and businessy things. My dream job would be working in marketing for Minkpink.

That said, there is a really cool scripture in 1 Timothy 4:12 that says 'Do not let people look down on you because you are young, but instead be an example for other believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.' Basically what this is saying is don't wait until you've grown up to do great things. You can be an example now, don't let you're age hold you back.

What is your favourite candle scent?
To be honest, I'm not a big candle person. I use candles more for decoration than the actual smell. I do have this one candle which I love so much, I barely light because I wouldn't want to waste it. It's Pink Lemonade by Glasshouse, and it comes in the coolest pink jar!

What is your school must have?
This is really sad, but the one thing I will never leave for school without is my USB. It had all my work on it! I also go insane without my watch. Another more fun one is lip balm. Especially in winter! I've got a Babylips by Maybelline in Mango Pie and I just love it!

What goals do you have for your blog?
I've recently reached 50 followers which is so amazing so thanks to everyone that has followed, especially my family and friends that I annoyed into following :) Obviously I'm continuing to work on building my readers and attracting more traffic to my blog.

I've written out a bit of a mission statement for my blog, which is: To create a community of teen girls, with whom I aim to inspire, and build up by sharing God's love through kindness and joy.
With that I basically want to get to know as many of my readers as I can, and be a real joy in their world :)

What five people alive or dead would you invite to a dinner party?
I thought about this one for such a long time! My five people are Taylor Swift, Martin Luther King Jr, Veronica Roth, Bianca Green (she's a really cool artist, invade you haven't heard of her!) and Jesus!
Who are you're biggest inspirations?
Someone that has been a huge inspiration in my life is a guy by the name of Glen Gerryen. He's a motivational speaker, and an author. He lives his life with the most amazing sense of hope and determination, and is always achieving amazing things. Currently Glen is on a mission to eradicate youth suicide. There's an event coming up soon, to get involved check out The Roar Effect.
What do you like most about blogging?
Since I started this blog, I've got to know the coolest people. I just love the blogging community, everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other with whatever they need. My writing skills have also improved a bunch.

Where are your top 5 travel destinations?
1. Japan. I am so desperate to go to Japan! I think it would be the most amazing combination of history, food and technology! 
2. California. The California lifestyle is shown so much through TV and the media, I'd love to go and check it out for myself. 
3. New York. New York, New York! It's one of those must see places. It seems like such a creative wonderland, I'd love to get amongst it.
4. Dubai. Architecturally, this seems like the most amazing city! The buildings are just spectacular, and apparently the shopping is great too!
5.The Great Barrier Reef. I have never been to the Great Barrier Reef! It looks amazing though, and I would just love to go snorkelling there one day and see all the species

There we have it! Your questions answered! I'll be back with another (hopefully flawless) Q + A video in a few months. I hope you enjoyed this one anyway. Have a great week x