16 Sep 2014

Hair Inspiration

Looking back on this now it seems I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of images I included in this post...I just love these inspiration posts! As you can see, this weeks post features the most inspiring hair images I could find. A little something for everyone I feel! There is just so much you can do with your hair - especially if it's straight. I envy you!

Braids are one of my best friends, because my hair is layered. There are so many amazing different braids out there, and many of them are easier than you might think. Master a simple french braid, and the only way is up!

Another hair trend I'm loving at the moment is coloured hair! Especially pale purples/pinks, and dark red/browns. I've been dreaming of a little Ariana Grande/Jenny Gross (Winners and Losers! Best show!!) inspired red hair. I thought it would be fun to try out a little bit of red for summer, which really, is just around the corner! (Ok, maybe I'm being a little optimistic, I'm sitting at my desk in summer PJs, cocooned in 3 blankets)

The number one hairstyle I just can't get over is the bob. After my frizztastic bob of 2006, the bob has made a rather stylish comeback. The reason I love it over the typical long straight hair is its utter versatility! A bob can be any length within the ear to shoulder sort of range, and can be casual, formal, or anything in between. My favourites are the longer bobs, with the loose salt spray look. Another massive upside for this cut is that its totally achievable for most hair types. Just a quick chop, a spriz of salt spray and you're done.

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Disclaimer: None of these amazing photos are mine. I don't take any credit for them, but rather give all credit to the rightful owners :)