23 Sep 2014

Blue Sky Shenanigans

Its been 23 days since we let go of Winter, and ever since the season changed I've been desperate for beach days, and with the start of these holidays, they've finally started! Over the weekend, my gal pals and I celebrated the start of the blissful holiday period in the sunshine, with bare feet (and sunscreen! #whitegirl #iburnsoeasily #faketanrepping)

The water in Sydney is sitting at a... refreshing 18 degrees, so at the moment the swimming is only for the hardcore, and the proud owners of wetsuits. After a bit of a picnic feast, we decided to do a little exploring/photography. Instead of the surprise attack selfies that are currently spamming my snapchat (you know who you are.), I thought I'd kick it up a notch with some shots from our blue sky shenanigans. Enjoy!

Have a great holiday week everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks post - THE GIVEAWAY IS COMING!!