28 Jul 2015

Florence Feels Playlist

I had a little outfit planned for this week, but considering a) I'm not at Splendour In The Grass, b) I have a cold and c) I barely left my house all weekend I'm bringing you this equally fabulous playlist instead.

On Thursday night I saw my one love Florence + The Machine in the State Theatre, Sydney and it was so ridiculously incredible. I have no words. Florence has the most wicked stage presence and spent ages just chatting to the audience. She even had a few nice nostalgia moments when a guy in the front row pulled out a photo from the last concert. Such a cool (or should I say rad..?) vibe, think lots of young cultured indie people. Only bad part was we weren't allowed to stand up where we were sitting. This lead to some angry drunk people and one couple even getting kicked out! On the bright side, my lovely fellow underage friend Isla and I are now very talented at dancing while sitting.

While the concert was beyond incredible, it was a little to my detriment. The days following were spent shot-ing cough medicine in my locker room. The girl with her locker above me literally thought I was taking something. I didn't have a measuring cup, ok guys?

But it's alright because all I've done today is sleep, and inhale eucalyptus oil. I'm practically a koala. Take that overseas readers. Appart from the semi-dying feels I'm also suffering some serious post-concert Florence feels. When I say feels I mean serious feels. Like go home and make a 3 hour playlist feels. I don't know why this playlist is so epically long. Actually, yeah I do. Spotify is much more fun than my English homework which I still haven't done. Sorry Miss...

And on that note, I'm going to go find quotes from Lord Of The Flies #sos. Enjoy the playlist sweet potatoes x

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18 Jul 2015

Why You Need A Bucket List

This might be something that you don't know about me, but I really love lists. Like a lot. I've written lists for everything from homework, to cooking, to outfit ideas, reading lists and blog posts. While you can never have too many lists in your life, I've decided one list everyone should have is a bucket list. It's so important to have things you want to achieve and this is no different. It's a really helpful way to keep track of your dreams, goals and things you want to achieve. Having a bucket list and knowing what you want to achieve can add a new sense of direction to your life, and help you work toward something meaningful. Plus, there's nothing better than the accomplishment of ticking something off your list.

It's important to remember there's nothing too small for a bucket list. I feel like people save the really big moments for a bucket list like 'get married' or 'own a home'. But it doesn't have to be like that at all! I have some as small as 'pass my Ls test'. At the same time, don't be afraid to go big! Your dreams are meant to scare you a little! It's completely and uniquely yours - put whatever you want on it no matter how crazy.

But the main reason to write a bucket list is why not!? They're just so fun and the possibilities are endless! As always, inspiration is everywhere, starting right here on Zola. I'll leave my bucket list below, so have a read before starting your own. Happy dreaming sweet potatoes x

  1. Fill a passport before it expires
  2. See Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  3. Go to Savannah, USA
  4. Fly business class
  5. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
  6. Ride a double decker bus
  7. Have a white Christmas
  8. Become confident in DSLR photography
  9. Stay in a penthouse
  10. Do the colour run
  11. Go to a real Urban Outfitters
  12. Buy my first car
  13. Do the Haivanna thong challenge
  14. Go to a runway show
  15. Ride in a hot air balloon
  16. Be on TV/in the media
  17. Lead a connect group
  18. Give a giving key
  19. Go to the tamagotchi department store
  20. Live abroad
  21. See snow
  22. Visit every Disneyland in the world
  23. Have an ugly jumper party
  24. Go on a missions trip
  25. Get my license
  26. Make money out of blogging
  27. Get a degree
  28. Travel to a random location
  29. Live on Manly Beach
  30. See the Sydney fireworks on New Years


Savannah Wears
Top - Cotton On
Jeans - Cotton On
Shoes - Converse

This winter vibe has got me feeling like I'm living in the shadows. It's like a giant time warp as I wait for the sun to come back. As much as I'm trying to embrace winter with series binging, tea and shopping trips, I'm a summer girl through and through. As you can see I'm still trying to convince myself it's warm enough to wear t-shirts. After shooting this, Dad and I proceeded on an hour journey through the city purely to get Messina ice cream (see Instagram @_savannahjoy). Never too cold for a good honeycomb.

The thing about shadows, is that they're never too far from the sun. For me, the sun is coming in the form of the holidays! I'm heading to New Zealand for a few days, going to work on my film photography with my new cameras (AHHHH!!) and I'm also super pumped for a work experience trip I'm doing. With nearly a whole month of free time, I'm going to stop talking about doing stuff and actually start doing it - and it's going to start right here on Zola. Stay tuned for more wonderful-ness.

I'd also like to address one thing which came up at my youth group on Friday - is my entire life a Cotton On advertisement? No, it's not. I just like Cotton On. A lot... But you know, If anyone even remotely related to Cotton On is reading this, like I'd be happy to make my life a Cotton On ad. Sure. Until then, I'm taking the advice of this fab shirt which I obviously love for the donut alone. Sav and her food clothing! After a bit of a roller coaster week, I'm going for a new mindset. I'm a serial over-thinker, but the thing I've learnt about panic is it doesn't achieve all that much. So here's a new take home message - que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be.
Till next time lovers xo

14 Jul 2015

Zola 2.0

Welcome to the new look Zola Blog! I'm so ridiculously excited to be bringing it to you! I've been spending my holidays dreaming and designing, and here it is! This isn't just a new look, its a whole new way of blogging for me. I've been playing with new ideas for a while without knowing exactly what I wanted to do or even how to approach the change. But with lots of spare hours, advice from incredible bloggers and a little purple notebook, I can proudly say I now have a much clearer idea.

While I'll still be doing my regular fashion and playlists, I want Zola to be a space for bigger things as well. The biggest change is a new section I'm introducing called 'Life'. This new category will be packed with super relevant, honest posts to help you focus on what's really important. I don't want to be just another fashion blog, if that makes sense. While I love fashion and being a 'fashion blogger', I want to start writing and sharing more useful and thought provoking posts. I'm going to put more time into creating content that is more inspiring for you guys as readers, because lets face it you guys are pretty cool. 

I've been hugely inspired by blogs like Zanita and Beckie Jane who share really insightful posts on wellbeing, happiness and well... life in its most raw and beautiful. So that's what you can be expecting from me over the next few months. I can't wait to see where it takes us! Make sure you don't miss a beat (and test out the funky new social media links on the left) by following along on Bloglovin'

Be sure to comment your thoughts below and check back here over the weekend for the first instalment! 


7 Jul 2015

What's In My Bag

With all the school holiday adventuring and long work experience days (majorly exciting!! Will post some snaps on my personal gram @_savannahjoy), I have a serious collection of randomness going on in my bag right now. I thought I'd liven up the chore of cleaning out my bag and show ya'll what's actually in it.

I picked up this bag from Collette a few weeks ago, in a desperate effort to replace my much loved but seriously dying backpack. I've been using it ever since, feeling like a super sophisticated working gal. My favourite thing about it are the straps, I like being able to pick between the long and the short one. Its a great size too! It fits everything I need without feeling like I'm carrying around a petting zoo.  

Make Up
I've had such a struggle trying to get my lips under control after some serious wind burn through sailing, but the EOS lipbalms are my lifesaver. I always have one on me, to be used sparingly of course because I can't find a place where they're sold in Australia. If you know a place, pleaseee let me know! Lipstick is my go to make up because it takes no skill to apply, which is perfect for a rookie like me. Like everyone else on the planet I also carry a small horde of bobby pins, especially since my recent chop!

I've had a cold over the past week or so, hence the lozenges and panadol! I also carry lens cleaners for my glasses which are always dirty. They're great for my phone too which I'm sure it has a disgusting amount of germs on it. Yuck. A little pot of vaseline is also a must for my dry skin, especially in Winter. Mints are a huge essential for me because fun fact - I can't stand gum! I think its really gross!! #tictacsfordays

My phone and wallet are huge essentials and go with me wherever I'm heading. My wallet is also from Collette. I picked it up on the cheap a year or so ago, and it has lasted so well! I promise I didn't colour code my phone and my wallet on purpose, but I bet you can guess what my favourite colour is :)

This is all the other random stuff I was talking about... I carry this funky soft case to protect my sunnies, a pen because you never know when you'll need one, my keys (which are painted with nail polish because I was a hard core 10 year old Zoey 101 fan when I got my set!!), hand sanitiser incase I've been anywhere a little dirty and most importantly, headphones for all those times I get stranded on busses.  

Hydration, Hydration
I am a sucker for hydration, always making sure I've had enough water. This bottle is the greatest, I bought it at Tropfest in like March and have kept it this whole time because its so great. The shape fits really well into my bag, and still holds a solid 500mL. Sunnies are also a good way to stay out of the Australian Sun (which I haven't seen in a while I might add..) as well as being a fun accessory. Blue glasses are a level up, even for me!

So there it is, everything I'm carrying these holidays. This one goes out to my stalker sweet potatoes - I see you!! Stay tuned for a little make over coming to Zola this week :)