14 Jul 2015

Zola 2.0

Welcome to the new look Zola Blog! I'm so ridiculously excited to be bringing it to you! I've been spending my holidays dreaming and designing, and here it is! This isn't just a new look, its a whole new way of blogging for me. I've been playing with new ideas for a while without knowing exactly what I wanted to do or even how to approach the change. But with lots of spare hours, advice from incredible bloggers and a little purple notebook, I can proudly say I now have a much clearer idea.

While I'll still be doing my regular fashion and playlists, I want Zola to be a space for bigger things as well. The biggest change is a new section I'm introducing called 'Life'. This new category will be packed with super relevant, honest posts to help you focus on what's really important. I don't want to be just another fashion blog, if that makes sense. While I love fashion and being a 'fashion blogger', I want to start writing and sharing more useful and thought provoking posts. I'm going to put more time into creating content that is more inspiring for you guys as readers, because lets face it you guys are pretty cool. 

I've been hugely inspired by blogs like Zanita and Beckie Jane who share really insightful posts on wellbeing, happiness and well... life in its most raw and beautiful. So that's what you can be expecting from me over the next few months. I can't wait to see where it takes us! Make sure you don't miss a beat (and test out the funky new social media links on the left) by following along on Bloglovin'

Be sure to comment your thoughts below and check back here over the weekend for the first instalment!