29 Sep 2015

Hong Kong Photo Diary

I just want to start by saying, I have missed blogging so much. It feels like it has been ages since I've talked to you guys. Hows it going!? The reason you haven't heard from me is I've been overseas living it up in Hong Kong, which was beyond incredible. My best friend lives in Hong Kong, so I had my own personal tour guide! I love Asia so much. 

After doing my work experience at Canon a few weeks ago, I thought I'd try to build on my photography skills while I was away. I've collected my favourites for Zola, so you can have a bit of a peek at what we got up to. I feel like I'm only showing you the smallest snippet of my trip with these shots, but I've also got a video planned, so I'll give you a full debrief when that is ready.

Also, you might've noticed there was no post on Zola last Tuesday, which makes me really sad. I haven't missed a Tuesday in ages. I accidentally scheduled it to post today instead of last week because I am an idiot. Ironically, the post was pretty much about why I need to stop calling myself an idiot. Anyway, I shall save that one for a later time because we have photos of Hong Kong to look at!! Enjoy!
S x

Getting lost down side streets

Inside a temple

Street art on Nathan Rd

Such a crazy population density

Hong Kong skyline by night


Main St, Disneyland

Toy Story Land #candid

Classic Carousel Shot

View from The Peak

Macao Tower

Historic Church, Macao

Macao living conditions

Historic Church Ruins, Macao

Flower St, Hong Kong

15 Sep 2015


Ah September, you're a keeper. It's hit the moment of the year where temperatues skyrocket here in Sydney, time accelerates, and every weekend rolls into a blur. Tomorrow it'll be Christmas! If I'm honest, I am totally exhausted. This is becoming a recurrent theme in my posts, and in my life in general isn't it? I hate it so much and judging on all the stuff I just wrote into my calendar, exhaustion isn't going anywhere. I am so so so ready for a holiday, and I'm nearly there.

I've been running around like crazy at work experience this week, pretending I'm more cool and hipster than I really am. It's a real hard life in the creative industry. Pretty sure I'm the only person in the place without a tattoo... Seriously though, I met the most cliche hipster today and it was so awesome. Full beard, long hair, cap, tattoos, piercings, and indie music. He even had Spotify premium - the sign of a real hipster that pays for his music. I also vacuumed a room, answered a phone or two, and played with more camera equipment than I will ever be able to afford. It's fun to dream though!

So, my unnamed hipster. This playlist is for you and your September. It's complete with my new loves from Oh Wonder, a recent discovery in Halsey, Troye Sivan, the incredible 21 Pilots and even some rubbishy boy band stuff for reasons I can't really explain. What Do You Mean is just so good and its Justin Bieber!? Since when did I like Justin....?

So take a moment from the fast paced world, and have a listen to this one. I hope your September has been as truly wonderful as mine, which you will see next week! Get keen!

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So much love,
S x

13 Sep 2015

Pinterest Loving...

I'm currently sitting in a study period. I have 4 more hours of school left of the term. It's year 12 muck up week and I just spotted a ceramic garden gnome attached to the roof of our classroom. Cool one Year 12...

One thing is for sure, I AM NOT WRITING THIS ENGLISH ESSAY. NO. A few weeks ago I just hit a point where I decided I didn't have it in me to do anything else productive this term and I've pretty much stuck to that right up till this poin. I'm just feeling so inspired right now. I watched the 'inspiration' episode of Fashion Bloggers last night, accompanied by a cheese sandwich. I can't say if it was Fashion Bloggers or my love for a good grilled cheese but I gotta say, I'm feeling pretty inspired. We live in a world of such endless possibilities and it's just so exciting!!

I thought I'd capture all that inspiration from Pinterest, and share it here for you because it really has been a while since I've done one of these. At the moment I'm pinning all sorts of outfit combinations, and food as usual. The good things in life. There's a few inspiring quotes for you also - because what's Pinterest without some inspiring words? I'm loving muted colours, denim skirts, and anything with a hint of 70s. A little bit of pastel also goes a long way at this time of year. I'm trying really hard to talk myself out of buying a pale blue nail polish right now - only 20 nails and so many colours!11!11!11!!!! 

Study period is almost over and the gnome seems to be eyeing me toward last period maths... Wish me luck Sweet Potatoes xx

8 Sep 2015

100% Happy

I had so much cool stuff planned for Zola and I just haven't got it done. I've had such a roller-coaster week. There are no words to describe how ready I am for the holidays. But right now, it's Sunday night. I've just made a pretty fab playlist, my English homework is done, I'm writing a blog post and life is so good.

Yesterday I took my Boarding school buds into the city for a little adventuring. I would like to point out I am never the one that is trusted with directions, but yesterday I was. It lead to a super fun day of wandering in circles in search of ice cream vans and other various tourist sites. I think I may have found a new partner in (photography) crime... Enjoy these spontaneous photos from yesterday, and pls embrace the weird lighting - sincerely, your favourite photography rookie @nikkithorn. I just couldn't resist this cool alley we found in Chinatown. There's something about aimless circling and overalls that makes me 100% happy. Hopefully the previously mentioned cool stuff I have planned will be on Zola this weekend - that is if my 18 hours of musical rehearsal doesn't kill me first. Have a good one sweet potatoes - and don't forget to follow Zola here xx 

~ Savannah Wears ~
Overalls - Asos
Top - Truly, Madly, Deeply.
Shoes - Converse

1 Sep 2015

Endless Roads To Nowhere Playlist

It's the first day of Spring!1!11!!1!1!!1!1
No amount of exclamation points can do justice to my excitement for rising temperatures.
I thought I would end Winter the way I started it, with a lazy acoustic playlist. This one is inspired by my 'We're Going Places' playlist, that I posted earlier in the year. This was a bit of a fail from the start, because my original playlist was posted in April - not even remotely close to winter. But alas, I'm still in love with this kinda stuff and I thought it was time for a 2.0. This edition features my current faves from Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy and Chet Faker, as well as some new favourites I've discovered along the way.

So here's another soundtrack for your Spring daydreaming, for your long bus rides and your afternoon dog walks. Take a few minutes to slow down this week, get outside in the sun and recognise the little things. It's a good life, but it moves so quickly. It's officially September and that is just crazy. Term 3 is almost (maybe I'm being a little optimistic) over, and I'm heading into that awesome relaxed stage. My priorities are moving from completing assessment tasks to seeing how many episodes of Gossip Girl I can watch in one sitting. I'm addicted guys. It's sad.

Everything is going quickly for Zola as well. I realised today I've nearly been blogging for 2 years, how crazy is that!? I have a few things planned at the moment, one particular project I can't wait for ya'll to see. You'll have to wait a few weeks, but it'll be worth it. Also, an excited welcome to new followers and friends I talked into subscribing. You guys are incredible, you make me smile :)
Have a fab week and subscribe to Zola here xx