8 Sep 2015

100% Happy

I had so much cool stuff planned for Zola and I just haven't got it done. I've had such a roller-coaster week. There are no words to describe how ready I am for the holidays. But right now, it's Sunday night. I've just made a pretty fab playlist, my English homework is done, I'm writing a blog post and life is so good.

Yesterday I took my Boarding school buds into the city for a little adventuring. I would like to point out I am never the one that is trusted with directions, but yesterday I was. It lead to a super fun day of wandering in circles in search of ice cream vans and other various tourist sites. I think I may have found a new partner in (photography) crime... Enjoy these spontaneous photos from yesterday, and pls embrace the weird lighting - sincerely, your favourite photography rookie @nikkithorn. I just couldn't resist this cool alley we found in Chinatown. There's something about aimless circling and overalls that makes me 100% happy. Hopefully the previously mentioned cool stuff I have planned will be on Zola this weekend - that is if my 18 hours of musical rehearsal doesn't kill me first. Have a good one sweet potatoes - and don't forget to follow Zola here xx 

~ Savannah Wears ~
Overalls - Asos
Top - Truly, Madly, Deeply.
Shoes - Converse