1 Sep 2015

Endless Roads To Nowhere Playlist

It's the first day of Spring!1!11!!1!1!!1!1
No amount of exclamation points can do justice to my excitement for rising temperatures.
I thought I would end Winter the way I started it, with a lazy acoustic playlist. This one is inspired by my 'We're Going Places' playlist, that I posted earlier in the year. This was a bit of a fail from the start, because my original playlist was posted in April - not even remotely close to winter. But alas, I'm still in love with this kinda stuff and I thought it was time for a 2.0. This edition features my current faves from Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy and Chet Faker, as well as some new favourites I've discovered along the way.

So here's another soundtrack for your Spring daydreaming, for your long bus rides and your afternoon dog walks. Take a few minutes to slow down this week, get outside in the sun and recognise the little things. It's a good life, but it moves so quickly. It's officially September and that is just crazy. Term 3 is almost (maybe I'm being a little optimistic) over, and I'm heading into that awesome relaxed stage. My priorities are moving from completing assessment tasks to seeing how many episodes of Gossip Girl I can watch in one sitting. I'm addicted guys. It's sad.

Everything is going quickly for Zola as well. I realised today I've nearly been blogging for 2 years, how crazy is that!? I have a few things planned at the moment, one particular project I can't wait for ya'll to see. You'll have to wait a few weeks, but it'll be worth it. Also, an excited welcome to new followers and friends I talked into subscribing. You guys are incredible, you make me smile :)
Have a fab week and subscribe to Zola here xx