17 May 2016

mixtape 05

hey chickens
I feel like its been an eternity since I had time to just sit down and say hello. Sitting here, typing this to the dreamy tones of Rod Ladgrove (see below!!) it feels like just that. A dream. Maybe even a movie scene. Specifically, that cheesy ad against movie piracy where the writers turn around from their computers with an overly excited grin and say "thanks!" (for actually paying for this). That's what this feels like.

the thing is about year 11, is that it's hard. the assessments are big. and a little bit scary. but it's moments like this you live for. inspired, blissful, fleeting moments. i thank God for those moments.

I'm really hoping your life isn't as hectic as mine, but if it is - i have a playlist for that. mixtape 05 is dedicated to the calm amongst the storm. grab some headphones, get comfy, and just take a minute or 10. "listen. time passes. listen. time passes."

and when the sun comes up tomorrow, go somewhere with trees. they're so beautiful. so. beautiful.

goodbye my lovelies,
never forget to make time for the things that remind you what it feels like to be alive.
S x

p.s. please give BETTER OFF a listen, it's my favourite song ever ever right now. last friday i listened to it 6 times in a day. that's a lot. enjoy.