26 Dec 2013

Savannah's Music

Morning All! I trust you all had a splendid Christmas! I spent most of my rainy Christmas day teaching my Grandma to use her new Ipad. She called me 3 times in an hour last night, she doesnt quite understand the home button.. Anywho, Happy Boxing Day!

My morning started at 1:20am. I wish it was for the Boxing Day sales, but no. Were driving inter-state for my nationals sailing competition, and a bit of a holiday. I'll keep a photo diary, watch this space :)

At the moment I'm hanging out in the car, driving through sleepy towns. Tangled in a comfortable mess of blankets and my new Peter Alexander PJ's (thanks Santa!), so instead of a fashion post I thought I'd share a little music with you. I mainly listen to alty and inspirational music, and a little pop. Here's some of my favourites to freshen up your summer 
1. Falling - HAIM
2. My Song 5 - HAIM
3. Don't Save Me- HAIM
4. The Wire - HAIM
5. Birthday - Katy Perry
6. Starlight - Taylor Swift
7. Lifeline - Hillsong
8. Relentless - Hillsong
9. Oceans - Hillsong
10. Calling - Lewis Watson
11. Hello Hello - Missy Higgins
12. Apple Tree - Nina Nesbitt
13. Anywayican - WALKTHEMOON
14.  Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
15. I Knew You Had A Heart Attack - Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato - EARLVIN14

Enjoy xx

P.S. Photo isnt mine, its from my tumblr :) check it out sometime!

24 Dec 2013

Daisy Chain Daze

Savannah Wears 
Tee - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Avalon Markets (Lee)
Shoes - Haven
Bracelet - ???

A quick post from Sunday, I literally only left the air conditioning to do this shoot. I'm a little down on photos due to some technical difficulties, sorry! Today is pretty different to Sunday though, I woke up to 21 degrees, and it looks like someone has eaten the sun..


Stay Cheerful,
-Savannah xo

P.S. I'm trying really hard to beautify my instagram at the moment, check it out @zola_13 :)

13 Dec 2013

Gifts You Can Buy From The Local Supermarket

Hi Everyone! I got my phone back, I cracked the screen, so my parents confiscated it.. I'm back though! Typing on the blogger app through a cracked screen! Oh joy!

So, as promised today I'm giving you a bit of Christmas giving spirit. Here's a bit of a background. The closest mall to my house is just less than half an hour, too far away to go for a quick prezzie. I thought some of you might have the same problem, so I did this little experiment. I went to my local supermarket and found lots of quick and easy gifts that are just down the street.

1. A gift box of chocolate! Who doesn't love a little chocolate :)
2. Lollies!! Everyone loves lollies, to make a cute present buy a nice jar, fill it with lollies and tie a ribbon around the jar.
3. Some cool stationary. The school year has just finished here in Australia, so grab your pal some cool stuff for next year like these rainbow pens. A fun and useful gift!
4. DVDs! It's winter now in America, so collect up some DVDs for a cozy arvo in!
5. Gift Cards. Gift cards are great because it means the reciever can pick exactly what they want
6. CAKE. Cook something as a present, it's a nice, personal way to say Merry Christmas.
7. Mugs and travel mugs. If your friend is always on the go, they could probably use a travel mug. As you can see my woolies had pretty cool ones!
8. Nail polish. All girls love pretty nails, pick up some polishes in their favourite colours :)
9. Plants. So. My woolies sells plants and flowers now.. A cool present I might add. You could even score a tumblr cactus!
10. I am sad to report my Woolies also now sells One Direction dolls. I'm sure some people would love these, but I'm just putting them here because they amuse me.

Happy Christmas preperations,

11 Dec 2013

Lets Pretend I'm Carrie Bradshaw

 I'm not much of a TV gal, but I seriously can't resist this series. I've loved Anna-Sophia Robb since her Bridge to Terabithia days, so team her with sparkles and I'm hooked! The episodes come out here every Tuesday night, so when I sit down to watch, it turns out something like this...

In Australia, yesterday was Tuesday, Carrie Diaries day!! I thought I'd try and dress up like Bradshaw :)

This is my absolute favourite photo from here :)

This picture is a little crazy.. whoops.. anyway, I tried to achieve the Carrie make up look, in about 3 minutes. I was a little pressed for time. I found this cool tutorial for her make up, which I am a little in love with. Check it out here.
 A few holidays ago I even made the Carrie bag!! Every school holidays I ALWAYS do a DIY project, go somewhere new, and go op shopping, and an assortment of other things I might just share with you later :)

This DIY was from a few breaks ago, and it's pretty simple and fun. Warning: it smells a bit!

I've found you lovely readers a tutorial, which you can watch here. The girl in the video flicks             nail polish onto the bag using the brush, but I literally just held the bottles over my bag, which is why   my lines are fatter :) Remember, if your going to do this, do your family a favour (like I didn't), and                                                                      leave it in a cupboard or something to dry out!

Thats all for now, Sincerely,
Carrie Bradshaw.
Oh, I mean, Savannah.

P.S. The promised gift-giving post is on its way, It's on my phone which I don't have at the moment.. 

7 Dec 2013

Dear Santa..

Anyway, today I'm going to share my Christmas Wishlist, in case you guys have nooooo idea what you want this Christmas :)

1.  Fujifilm finepix X60 camera
I'm hoping to carry this little baby with me everywhere I go next year. Watch this space for a little project I'm planning called the 2-0-1-4 project! It's waterproof, shockproof, and sounds fairly me proof too. Also, I'm loving the green colour!! Online, you can get the camera and everything you need to go with it, for around $150. Score!
2.  A bubble wrap calendar! These look like the most fun things in the world, you pop a bubble for each day. It would be so hard not to want to pop them all at once!! Their available at Urban Outfitters, and they should be under $20.

 3. Oxygen – 102 Doses of Daily Inspiration. Book by Glen Gerreyn.
Glen Gerreyn is seriously one of my favourite people in the world, if you don't know him, google him, it'll change your life. Wow. That sounds tacky, but it really will. I'm super keen to get my hands on this book!!
4. Fandom Jewellery. 
Ok. Just so you know about me, I don't really fangirl over guys, I fangirl over Mean Girls, and Taylor Swift, and Hunger Games, and Divergent. So, I hopped onto the most beautiful world of Etsy, and found these totally gorgeous bracelets. For those Divergents, I'm Erudite :)
You can find these bracelets here:



So, thats my Christmas list, it also includes some Hollister, and Misguided, a bunch of stuff to beautify the blog and a gold eyeliner, in tribute of Carrie Bradshaw and Cinna, of The Hunger Games.

As you all know, Christmas is about the giving, not the receiving, so later on this week, I'm going to be doing a post on some cool, and easy gifts this Christmas :)

Bye for now,

2 Dec 2013

Vintage Dreaming

 Wow. I love this photo :)

Savannah Wears
Shirt - Lovely Things
Jeans - Just Jeans
Watch - ICE
Shoes - Rubi Shoes
Glasses - D&G
Bag - Collette

Hi Readers! Here's an OOTD from last night, I found myself at a 50th Birthday miles and miles away from home. It was the 50th of a lady I had never met, that I found out was related to me. Step-3rd-twice-removed somethingerather. My cousins and parents were the only people I actually knew, and we quickly took a hold of the music system. *Cue the Taylor Swift*

Oh myyy! Speaking of Taylor Swift, the Red Tour comes to my city this wednesday night. I am BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! We've got signs, and t-shirts, and red clothes! My friends and I are hoping to get into Club RED, the backstage after party for the fans that get picked. Oh myyy I could meet Taylor Swift. Isn't that just madness. I'm keen to share it with you! 

By the way, this post is entirely #iphoneonly, I got a hold of my Dad's iphone on the drive there, and realised EVERYTHING looks so artsy and beautiful in the new iOS7 effects. Yes. It was my Dad's iphone. I am a proud droid owner. 

Cya laters,
Savannah xo

P.S. You might have noticed the name change, and the 'Under Construction'. I'm changing up the blog, slowly but surely, and am getting a bunch of template etc. for Christmas, so just hold tight and the blog will be beautiful again :)