7 Dec 2013

Dear Santa..

Anyway, today I'm going to share my Christmas Wishlist, in case you guys have nooooo idea what you want this Christmas :)

1.  Fujifilm finepix X60 camera
I'm hoping to carry this little baby with me everywhere I go next year. Watch this space for a little project I'm planning called the 2-0-1-4 project! It's waterproof, shockproof, and sounds fairly me proof too. Also, I'm loving the green colour!! Online, you can get the camera and everything you need to go with it, for around $150. Score!
2.  A bubble wrap calendar! These look like the most fun things in the world, you pop a bubble for each day. It would be so hard not to want to pop them all at once!! Their available at Urban Outfitters, and they should be under $20.

 3. Oxygen – 102 Doses of Daily Inspiration. Book by Glen Gerreyn.
Glen Gerreyn is seriously one of my favourite people in the world, if you don't know him, google him, it'll change your life. Wow. That sounds tacky, but it really will. I'm super keen to get my hands on this book!!
4. Fandom Jewellery. 
Ok. Just so you know about me, I don't really fangirl over guys, I fangirl over Mean Girls, and Taylor Swift, and Hunger Games, and Divergent. So, I hopped onto the most beautiful world of Etsy, and found these totally gorgeous bracelets. For those Divergents, I'm Erudite :)
You can find these bracelets here:



So, thats my Christmas list, it also includes some Hollister, and Misguided, a bunch of stuff to beautify the blog and a gold eyeliner, in tribute of Carrie Bradshaw and Cinna, of The Hunger Games.

As you all know, Christmas is about the giving, not the receiving, so later on this week, I'm going to be doing a post on some cool, and easy gifts this Christmas :)

Bye for now,