2 Dec 2013

Vintage Dreaming

 Wow. I love this photo :)

Savannah Wears
Shirt - Lovely Things
Jeans - Just Jeans
Watch - ICE
Shoes - Rubi Shoes
Glasses - D&G
Bag - Collette

Hi Readers! Here's an OOTD from last night, I found myself at a 50th Birthday miles and miles away from home. It was the 50th of a lady I had never met, that I found out was related to me. Step-3rd-twice-removed somethingerather. My cousins and parents were the only people I actually knew, and we quickly took a hold of the music system. *Cue the Taylor Swift*

Oh myyy! Speaking of Taylor Swift, the Red Tour comes to my city this wednesday night. I am BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! We've got signs, and t-shirts, and red clothes! My friends and I are hoping to get into Club RED, the backstage after party for the fans that get picked. Oh myyy I could meet Taylor Swift. Isn't that just madness. I'm keen to share it with you! 

By the way, this post is entirely #iphoneonly, I got a hold of my Dad's iphone on the drive there, and realised EVERYTHING looks so artsy and beautiful in the new iOS7 effects. Yes. It was my Dad's iphone. I am a proud droid owner. 

Cya laters,
Savannah xo

P.S. You might have noticed the name change, and the 'Under Construction'. I'm changing up the blog, slowly but surely, and am getting a bunch of template etc. for Christmas, so just hold tight and the blog will be beautiful again :)