27 Mar 2014

Polyvore Lovin'

So, it seems I have another one sided love affair (no, not related to So You Think You Can Dance). This time, it's Polyvore. I don't even know how or why or whatever how this happened, but I've fallen. I'm having so much fun making my little sets, and have pretty much done that all night. Its awesome!

So, I had my last exam today (maths. ew.) and now I'm celebrating by giving you a little bonus post, declaring my love for Polyvore. For those of you who don't know, Polyvore is this beautiful little website that combines a tonne of online stores in one big wonderland. You can like items, that is fashion, homewears, or beauty. Also, you can make sets, which are kind of like collages, and collections, which I can't tell you about because I haven't yet attempted.

You get your own page, profile sort of thing. Mine looks like this, my username is zolablog. I've included my sets below, featuring some cool items I've found on Polyvore. Check them out, and if you like them, you can follow me at zolablog for more xx

If you decide to join the Polyvore community, let me know and I'll follow you to get you started :)
I hope you guys have enjoyed this bonus post, I'll talk to you when I get back from camp!
Savannah x

25 Mar 2014

Daylight Fading

Savannah Wears:
Top - Supre
Vest - Markets
Leggings - Pavement

I've had a week of dark mornings, waking up wishing I could hibernate under my covers all day, but alas, school. The compulsory institution of education. Anywho.. last weekend my fam and I braved the wind and enjoyed fish and chips on the beach. As awesome as it was, it's not summer anymore.

I'm really loving leggings, as we head into the colder months. I picked these up at Pavement Girls, on sale!! Pavement is the old Gumboots, basically the same but more grown up, and I totally love it! Oh oh! And I ordered a pair of Converse off Ebay! I'm cheap, whatever. Their coming some time this week and I am SO excited.

Now, business time. I'm going to camp next week, and I am MAJOR excited. Keep your eye out for a crammed photo diary! But sadly I won't be around for Tuesday's post, but never fear, I am organising the greatest blog sitter for my readers in which I love xx I feel bad about leaving you guys, so keep your eye out for an extra post on thursday!
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Talk laters x

18 Mar 2014

Gift in a Jar

This Tuesday, I'm sharing with you my love of gift giving, with the latest and greatest, gift in a jar. I saw these on Tumblr a few weeks ago, and decided I just had to make one!! I've seen a whole range of jars, filled with beautifully smelling things, heartwarming notes, quotes and jokes, and wonderfully scrumptious treats.
Also, lets address the random picture of my bed on the right there. I've been redoing my room over the past little while, and we built my Ikea bed!! I thought I'd keep the tumblr-ness up and shoot this on my new white sheets :) :) :)

First, your going to need a jar (duh). I just got this one from the local supermarket, their not hard to find.  Have fun beautify-ing your jar, I used washi tape (one of the best things ever invented). You could also try ribbon, glitter, magazine pages ?

Now.. what to put in your jar:

I decided a lip gloss was an easy place to start, you could try nail polish, hair ties or bobby pins, because no one ever has enough of those, right?

Gift cards!! There's something about picking out exactly what you want, so much fun!

Chocolate. No caption required. All I'm going to say is that Easter is in 2 weeks. Chocolate for breakfast here I come :)
 Stationary!! A super fun gift idea, that is surprisingly useful.
 Photos! There's something really nice about reminiscing with photos, give some old time snaps away to your friends. (If you saw my Oh Snap! post, this is how my cheat polaroids turned out when I printed them. I haven't got the size perfect yet..)
The final step is to arrange it all in your jar. This is a really simple gift wrapping idea, but it is super fun and the finished product looks really great. That is all from me, have a great week, and get gift giving! Remember - the blessing is in the giving, not the receiving.
Savannah xo

11 Mar 2014

Little Loves - Emily Jane Style!

Good evening lovely readers, 

STOP. Take a deep breath in. Hold. Now, take a deep breath out. Repeat.

Waaa I am so stressed out right now, drowning in maths homework, naturally maths is one of the artistic blogger's least favourite subjects. So, now I'm going against every logical thing my brain is telling me, and taking the time to breathe and write a good blog post for you.

This post is inspired by Emily Jane's 'Little Loves.' I've read Emily's blog ever since I first started blogging, and she isn't exactly my style, but you have to hand it to her, she has her name EVERYWHERE. It's amazing!

Here's a few things I'm loving right now.

1. Girl Rising
This is a documentary I saw last week, about the education of girls in third world countries. It's totally eye opening, a must watch for instant empowerment. Who runs the world? GIRLS. For more, see www.girlrising.com.
2. Miss Tasman's latest post
Oh Miss Tasman, you've done it again. I discovered this blog only recently, and it's shot to number one on my favourites list. This beautiful post made me smile in the midst of todays madness, so thank you Ariana, I simply adore your work. 
3. Katy Perry, Prism.
AHHHHHHHHH I JUST GOT TICKETS TO THIS CONCERT LIKE 2 HOURS AGO AND I CAN'T EVEN. JUST WAHHH. I love the look and feel of this and obviously the sound and just fangirl like wuhwuhuwhu. Fun fact: I met Katy Perry a few years ago, I've got her autograph! Anyway.. 
4. Tumblr
Tumblr, my procrastination station, oh how I love you. I'm so up down on the cool tumblr stuff. Apparently my blog is 'neon', so lets swallow some glowsticks and get fluorescent. What even.. 
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5. Four: A Divergent Collection - Veronica Roth 
Again, totally fangirling. I downloaded 'The Initate' over the weekend, the first instalment of this collection. It's a total page turner, in true Veronica Roth style. It's so so hard to read my english novel over this. It's basically a collection of short stories told by Four, not Tris. It's so awesome to see a different side of things. If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I give you permission to leave my blog right now and go and read the Divergent series, as it is possibly the most magically beautiful man-made thing in this entire world (or a close second to Nutella?). Fellow Initiates, the movie comes out in T-Minus 30 days. The countdown is on. Watch this space for a major fangirl party when it's released. Sincerely, Savannah, Erudite Leader.

Ok, I'll leave my fandom world just to say goodbye. Goodbye. 
Also, a quick shoutout to one of my number one fans, Annie, it's her birthday tomorrow!! Love you lots Annie xx
Have a good week everyone, 
Savannah x

4 Mar 2014

Juicy! Watermelon Shorts Tutorial

Good Evening my lovely readers.

Wooo. I'm taking time to breathe for the first time in ages, it's exam season. Goodie. If you haven't noticed this is meaning shorter posts, later on a tuesday night! At the moment I'm simply dreaming and making lists of all the things I want to do in my holidays. I've been in a particularly DIY mood at the moment, so I thought that now we were into Autumn, I'd share with you these sweet watermelon shorts, just to keep the summer vibes rollin'.

 Here's my pair, that I made last spring

Make your own pair with the tutorial that I used. Check it out here!

Thats all for now lovelies, look foreward to an Autumn holidays filled with longer and more fantastical posts xx
Savannah :)