11 Dec 2013

Lets Pretend I'm Carrie Bradshaw

 I'm not much of a TV gal, but I seriously can't resist this series. I've loved Anna-Sophia Robb since her Bridge to Terabithia days, so team her with sparkles and I'm hooked! The episodes come out here every Tuesday night, so when I sit down to watch, it turns out something like this...

In Australia, yesterday was Tuesday, Carrie Diaries day!! I thought I'd try and dress up like Bradshaw :)

This is my absolute favourite photo from here :)

This picture is a little crazy.. whoops.. anyway, I tried to achieve the Carrie make up look, in about 3 minutes. I was a little pressed for time. I found this cool tutorial for her make up, which I am a little in love with. Check it out here.
 A few holidays ago I even made the Carrie bag!! Every school holidays I ALWAYS do a DIY project, go somewhere new, and go op shopping, and an assortment of other things I might just share with you later :)

This DIY was from a few breaks ago, and it's pretty simple and fun. Warning: it smells a bit!

I've found you lovely readers a tutorial, which you can watch here. The girl in the video flicks             nail polish onto the bag using the brush, but I literally just held the bottles over my bag, which is why   my lines are fatter :) Remember, if your going to do this, do your family a favour (like I didn't), and                                                                      leave it in a cupboard or something to dry out!

Thats all for now, Sincerely,
Carrie Bradshaw.
Oh, I mean, Savannah.

P.S. The promised gift-giving post is on its way, It's on my phone which I don't have at the moment..