13 Dec 2013

Gifts You Can Buy From The Local Supermarket

Hi Everyone! I got my phone back, I cracked the screen, so my parents confiscated it.. I'm back though! Typing on the blogger app through a cracked screen! Oh joy!

So, as promised today I'm giving you a bit of Christmas giving spirit. Here's a bit of a background. The closest mall to my house is just less than half an hour, too far away to go for a quick prezzie. I thought some of you might have the same problem, so I did this little experiment. I went to my local supermarket and found lots of quick and easy gifts that are just down the street.

1. A gift box of chocolate! Who doesn't love a little chocolate :)
2. Lollies!! Everyone loves lollies, to make a cute present buy a nice jar, fill it with lollies and tie a ribbon around the jar.
3. Some cool stationary. The school year has just finished here in Australia, so grab your pal some cool stuff for next year like these rainbow pens. A fun and useful gift!
4. DVDs! It's winter now in America, so collect up some DVDs for a cozy arvo in!
5. Gift Cards. Gift cards are great because it means the reciever can pick exactly what they want
6. CAKE. Cook something as a present, it's a nice, personal way to say Merry Christmas.
7. Mugs and travel mugs. If your friend is always on the go, they could probably use a travel mug. As you can see my woolies had pretty cool ones!
8. Nail polish. All girls love pretty nails, pick up some polishes in their favourite colours :)
9. Plants. So. My woolies sells plants and flowers now.. A cool present I might add. You could even score a tumblr cactus!
10. I am sad to report my Woolies also now sells One Direction dolls. I'm sure some people would love these, but I'm just putting them here because they amuse me.

Happy Christmas preperations,