26 Dec 2013

Savannah's Music

Morning All! I trust you all had a splendid Christmas! I spent most of my rainy Christmas day teaching my Grandma to use her new Ipad. She called me 3 times in an hour last night, she doesnt quite understand the home button.. Anywho, Happy Boxing Day!

My morning started at 1:20am. I wish it was for the Boxing Day sales, but no. Were driving inter-state for my nationals sailing competition, and a bit of a holiday. I'll keep a photo diary, watch this space :)

At the moment I'm hanging out in the car, driving through sleepy towns. Tangled in a comfortable mess of blankets and my new Peter Alexander PJ's (thanks Santa!), so instead of a fashion post I thought I'd share a little music with you. I mainly listen to alty and inspirational music, and a little pop. Here's some of my favourites to freshen up your summer 
1. Falling - HAIM
2. My Song 5 - HAIM
3. Don't Save Me- HAIM
4. The Wire - HAIM
5. Birthday - Katy Perry
6. Starlight - Taylor Swift
7. Lifeline - Hillsong
8. Relentless - Hillsong
9. Oceans - Hillsong
10. Calling - Lewis Watson
11. Hello Hello - Missy Higgins
12. Apple Tree - Nina Nesbitt
13. Anywayican - WALKTHEMOON
14.  Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
15. I Knew You Had A Heart Attack - Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato - EARLVIN14

Enjoy xx

P.S. Photo isnt mine, its from my tumblr :) check it out sometime!