8 Jan 2014

Eumundi Markets

As you may or may not know, I'm in a small town in Queensland at the moment, which brings with it good and bad things. The bad thing is I dont have any reception, so appologies for the lack of updates for the next little while. The good thing is last saturday my family and I took a drive down to the Eumundi Markets.

The Eumundi markets are located in the town on Eumundi (pronounced YOU-MUN-DEE), a short drive from Noosa. The Eumundi markets are like an all-you-can-buy buffet of every wonderful thing you can possibly think of (except a unicorn. sorry.) There is such an array of stalls, from food, to massages, but naturally the fashion stalls are my favourite. I just adore the unique-ness of small market designers!

If you are thinking of heading to the markets, here are a few tips.
- Go EARLY. Most stalls open by 7am, so if you're keen, be there at 7. It gets ridiculously hot and crowded later in the day.
-Water/Hat/Sunscreen. I probably sound like your mum, but it gets really hot in Eumundi during the day.
-Park in the School. The school is a block behind the main road. Parking is $5, you can stay as long as you want, and its as close as you're going to get to the markets.

Happy Market Shopping
Savannah xo