28 Jul 2015

Florence Feels Playlist

I had a little outfit planned for this week, but considering a) I'm not at Splendour In The Grass, b) I have a cold and c) I barely left my house all weekend I'm bringing you this equally fabulous playlist instead.

On Thursday night I saw my one love Florence + The Machine in the State Theatre, Sydney and it was so ridiculously incredible. I have no words. Florence has the most wicked stage presence and spent ages just chatting to the audience. She even had a few nice nostalgia moments when a guy in the front row pulled out a photo from the last concert. Such a cool (or should I say rad..?) vibe, think lots of young cultured indie people. Only bad part was we weren't allowed to stand up where we were sitting. This lead to some angry drunk people and one couple even getting kicked out! On the bright side, my lovely fellow underage friend Isla and I are now very talented at dancing while sitting.

While the concert was beyond incredible, it was a little to my detriment. The days following were spent shot-ing cough medicine in my locker room. The girl with her locker above me literally thought I was taking something. I didn't have a measuring cup, ok guys?

But it's alright because all I've done today is sleep, and inhale eucalyptus oil. I'm practically a koala. Take that overseas readers. Appart from the semi-dying feels I'm also suffering some serious post-concert Florence feels. When I say feels I mean serious feels. Like go home and make a 3 hour playlist feels. I don't know why this playlist is so epically long. Actually, yeah I do. Spotify is much more fun than my English homework which I still haven't done. Sorry Miss...

And on that note, I'm going to go find quotes from Lord Of The Flies #sos. Enjoy the playlist sweet potatoes x

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