24 Feb 2015


Savannah Wears

Choker - Tropix
Top - Cotton On
Jeans - Sportsgirl
Bracelet - Collette
Bag - Alex and Nia
Shoes - Rubi (Not Pictured)

There are 4 days left of summer here in Australia. 4 precious days. I'd love to report that the weather is still beautiful here in Sydney, but I have to admit the weekend weather could've been better. The skies were grey and the temperature reached a bitterly cold... 24 degrees!! Being the typical Aussie girl that I am, that meant bringing out the jeans.

While summer is by far my favourite season, winter fashion excites me. Jeans could well be my favourite article of clothing. Like ever. I pulled these camo jeans out from the back of my wardrobe and viol√£! I paired my jeans with white tee, and my copper slides from Rubi. I'vw been using this bag a heap lately too, it goes with everything. Best super late birthday present everrrrr. 

I'm also getting quite into my jewellery. I really love this choker! I bought it from an Instagram Boutique for like $8 thinking I wouldn't actually wear it that often, but it's actually become such a staple in my wardrobe! It's pretty edgy for me, keeping on the camo themes. Shoutout to all my friends that have just joined cadets - this ones for you. Now I'm not much of a cadets gal, but I'll take the cute outfits any day.

Also, what do we think of these photos? Sorry the quality isn't the finest! I was experimenting a little with the editing and I just love how they came out! I'm going to keep trying different styles like this, it's fun to mix it up a little.

Sorry for this totally all over the place post, I've been pretty busy lately between sailing and assessments and sickness and life in general. I'll be back next week with a Q and A so get pumped for that. Leave me questions in the comments, via Instagram or Twitter @zolablog or email me :)

Have a great week - I need a name for you legends - zolas? zolarinos? zolapops? I'll work on that.. Bye :))