3 Mar 2015

Q + A

Hey all! I've hit that week of the term where all my assessments are due at once. On the bright side, I've been enjoying some cool music, and YouTubers! Gotta love a bit of procrastination. Anyway, its just a quick post from me this week. I've been collecting up your questions via my social media (@zolablog) and I've answered my favourites below. Thanks for the questions, and have a great week xo

Eyelashes as fingernails or fingernails as eyelashes? 
I was so shocked by this question, I just had to include it! First up, this is disgusting. I love painting my nails and making them look nice, but on my eyes!? No. That said, I'm going to have to go eyelashes as fingernails. I wonder if I'd put mascara on my hands...

Tea or Coffee?Hmmm... Neither? I don't drink normal tea or coffee. My friends are a little obsessed with tea, so they went on a bit of a quest to find a flavour I liked. So far I've found one - T2 Strawberry and Cream. But as far as tea or coffee is concerned... Hot chocolate anyone?? 

Who is your fashion inspiration?Inspiration is everywhere! I can't say I have just one fashion inspiration, but I'd love to find one. I'll work on that. I find inspiration in my favourite blogs, which change all the time. I also like magazines and photo shoots from stores I shop at. 

What is your favourite song?I've been discovering so much incredible music on Spotify lately, I'll make a playlist very soon. It's so hard to pick a favourite but one song I am just loving at the moment is Dead Air by CHVRCHES. The lyrics are a bit depressing because It's on The Hunger Games soundtrack, but the music is on point. 

What is your go-to snack?Nuts! I am constantly eating nuts. Above all, nuts are a quick snack that you can just grab. It doesn't take any time to make! They're super tasty, filling and pretty healthy too. 

Summer or Winter?Definitely summer! It's not even the heat that I love, but the essence of summer. Summer means long nights,beach days, ice cream, sailing, sunsets, and holidays! Christmas! It's officially autumn now, and the last few days have been pretty overcast. It makes me want blankets and YouTube. 

What camera do you use?For all my blogging photos I use my Canon 600D. I've got a few lenses but the main one I use is a wide angle 55mm-250mm. I'm going to learn how to use all the manual settings better this year, promise!