10 Mar 2015

Floral Minded

Savannah Wears
Dress - T By Bettina
Ring - Elm and King
Shoes - Rubi (Not pictured)

Let me set the scene. I'm sitting on a mini bus, chugging along a main road. My little headphones are trying desperately hard to overpower the funk blasting from the radio. It's 7:31am and the skies are grey, getting ready for another day. This is my crazy life now, and I'm loving it!

I've been super busy this year, so I've had a lot less time for blogging which is really sad. I'm doing a lot of sport, which is very different for me but I'm having a surprisingly good time. I'm playing touch football, and we had our semi final on Friday. We were 2 down at half time, then we ended up tying and going into 'drop off'. I had no idea what this was, but turns out they take a player off each team every 2 minutes until someone scores. We ended up scoring with 3 players left!! I've gotta admit this had little to do with me, because I hurt my finger in training but I'm so proud of the team and excited for our final this week!

I'm also taking classes in film photography, which is proving very cool. It's different to what I was expecting, but it's interesting learning to play with light and developing negative images. Once I add a few more photos to my portfolio, I'd love to share them with you!

I've also discovered some awesome music lately. My bus driver has a slight obsession with Triple J which I can say is definitely broadening my taste in music... When I can be bothered to try and overpower the radio, I'm listening to a band called Paradise Fears, The Broods, and Imagine Dragons new album Smoke and Mirrors.

So now for this actual outfit. I've had this dress for a while, and I can't get over how great the print is!! Its a perfect geometric colourful floral wonderfulness that I can't describe any other way. It also has gorgeous cut outs at the back. This is my go to formal outfit. 

I went to my first 21st on the weekend and it was so lovely. The house looked incredible, and there were touching speeches and the cutest childhood photos. I just really enjoyed celebrating the milestone, and seeing just how much we can all do in 21 years.

Although I'm tired, and everything is a little crazy I can't help but feel so lucky. Lately I've been trying to be thankful for all the little things, because this life really is so incredible. We've got Lindt hot chocolate, music, and people. People are my favourite.

Moral of the post: try new things and find happiness in appreciation. Sorry not sorry for the super long-ness! Till next week xo Also, be a legend and like the Zola Facebook page here :))