9 Jun 2015

VIvid Sydney 2015

On the train home last night, I realised there are a lot of things I love about Sydney. We have so much diversity in one little blip on a map. There's so many people, but everyone has a little community they belong to. There's an effortless beauty about suburbia. I was just noticing its understated beauty yesterday, watching the sunset from an empty train carriage. 

The city is a different kind of beautiful with its tall buildings, and bright lights. There's always a little something happening and the winter season is no exception. The dreaded start of Winter brings with it something I wait for all year, Vivid!! It's a series of sculptures and projections based on the medium of light. It gets bigger and more creative every year, encouraging us sweet suburbans to escape to a little adventure, even just for a night. These little adventures have become a new tradition for my photography lovin' Dad and I. It's a tradition that includes endless school nights, City Extra hot chocolates and new friends made in the Canon HQ. There's really is nothing quite like Vivid. Here's a few snaps from this year!