21 Apr 2015

Free Spirit

Savannah Wears
Dress - Avalon Markets (Brand Unknown)
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Ice

Yesterday I went back to school. Yesterday I got drenched. (Not quite as drenched as I got today as I waited for my bus with no umbrella...) Yep, here are the days of running across campus with icy water dripping down my back as I try to save my notebooks. But here are also the days of binging left over easter chocolate, sipping apple crumble tea (best purchase I've made yet!) and dreaming up wonderfully wintry outfits for this here blog. I'm also just discovering the joys of reading in bed and listening to the rain outside. There are so many books on my list right now, I'm considering not even leaving my warm bed all winter long. 

I know that picture is very far from my lovely sundress in my photos, but we had a random heatwave before this awful rain. I thought I'd send you some summer vibes from my holidays with this free spirited outfit post. I just love the print and style of this dress! Yep, I'm still obsessed with navy and converse. 

OMG! While shopping over the holidays I found wedge heel converse. I think I'm in love. I'm just going to put it out there - Wedge converse coming soon to zolablog.com. 

I did do my fair share of shopping these holidays, found some great cafes and had the best time hanging out in the city with my friends. Oh also, what a blast from the past! I made a Club Penguin account with a friend, because we're more twelvie than you. It's like my whole childhood preserved in an Internet Explorer window. If you're looking for something worthwhile to do with your Tuesday night, add us @reeceysweg. We can play penguin Jujitsu like the kool kidz we are. 

So excited for Term 2! How is your first week back going?

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