10 Nov 2015

november daze

This playlist gives me FEELS. Like sleep ins, salty hair, sand between my toes, ice cream for breakfast relaxed. summer. feels. Everyone pls stop freaking out, my little stress explosion has been replaced for deep breaths and warm air. I just want to read books and go to the beach. Actually, the weather in Sydney over the last week has been pretty poor but it's sunny today and a girl can only dream.

This playlist is a different vibe from my last few playlists, but I feel like it's a new day for us. Time for a new sound. It features a lot of old favourites and some newly discovered loves from Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson, Kodaline and Vance Joy.

Alsoooo, with all this spare time I'm thinking of making some vlog videos! If there's anything you want to see, shoot me an email. If any other bloggers want to work with me, I'd be up for that too!
In other news, I had my school formal on the weekend!! I had the best time woo. I know a lot of you wanted to see pictures, so I'll leave a few below. Also, to all of my school friends that read this I just want to say you're so amazing, you guys are constantly inspiring me and even though I've known you for less than a year, I'm so indescribably grateful you're in my world. This one is for you, and for our summer x