5 Jan 2015

The Ghost Of Birthdays Past

Today is the one blissful day of the year when I can eat as much cake as I can, and no one can judge me for it. Yaaaas - It's ma birthday! Some fantastic part of me decided that for my birthday, I was going to do something fun like embarrass myself on the Internet. So I've put together some photos of my pre-blogger self for us all to laugh at. Most of these were taken when I was around 3, and it looks like I was a bit of a weirdo. A rather entertaining weirdo, at that. Anyway, enjoy my childhood snaps, and thank you in advance for all the birthday wishes xo

Dad and I took bathroom mirror selfies before they were a thing.
Maybe I was always meant to be a blogger
Yeah just let me put some lipgloss on first
My childhood fashion inspiration was Randy from Monsters Inc. (he's a chamelion.)
Daaaaad - What the heck am I dumping my hand in!?
Signing the mortgage on my inflatable mansion
We're making a masterpiece. Stop killin the vibe. 
I hope my attempt at being funny was actually funny, and if not just take my birthday as an excuse to eat a cupcake and go for a swim. Much love xo

P.S. I've been locked out of my Instagram account for no real reason, but I can't get back into it until I get home. Sorry if I've been AWOL for a few days, I'll be back with a new theme soon :)