26 May 2015

Thoughts On... All Possible Futures

There is no further state of relaxation, than one Savannah (ie. this one) going out to lunch, doing a little washi tape decorating, putting on a good album and writing a blog post. Despite my original 15 year reluctance, I could seriously get into this winter thing. I even rented DVDs!!

But I've gotta keep the summer spirit alive somehow, and right now I'm doing it with the (semi) new and (ridiculously) awesome album from Miami Horror. If you love San Cisco, you have to hear this! The album is titled All Possible Futures, and features 15 tracks of funky guitar strumming, piano playing and tambourine shaking that will have you lost in thought.

The second track, 'Real Slow' is one of the biggest tracks on the album with its piano chords and dance vibes. I've heard this so many times now that there's part of me that never wants to hear is again. But honestly, theres another part of me wants to walk away from my laptop right now and have an impromptu 80s disco with myself.

The album gets a bit more modern with subtle bass drops and electro beats in 'Cellophane' and 'All It Ever Was', classic indie party tracks. Another mention goes to track 10, 'Out of Sight'. The undertones and vocals of this one bring the vintage vibes right back. I'm literally having a private jam to it right now. Shhh.

The album finishes with 'Another Rise, Another Fall, which is one of my favourites. I'm not musical enough to tell what instrument it is (pls listen and tell me!!) but the first few bars are just perfect. The lyrics come in full of wonder, telling the never ending circle of trying to get ahead. So good!!

While the tracks are a touch similar, Miami Horror has an unquestionably unique sound. Every song has a strong beat, perfect for fun afternoons dreaming of the beach and sly in-car dance parties. Don't pretend you haven't done it...

What are you listening to at the moment? I'd love to hear - Comment below!

Listen to All Possible Futures by Miami Horror on Spotify here :)

P.S. I also wanted to say thank you so so so so so much for over 10,000 page views! That is so incredibly encouraging, and I love you all so much xoxo