13 Apr 2016

mixtape 04

Hey Chickens!
How are you??
I feel like it's been ages since I sat down and wrote a blog post. Actually, to be honest, I'm typing and walking the dog because I'm a time efficiency queen. So far this holiday has been a whole lot more school work than I would like, but I've also been doing a bunch of filming and fun youtube-y things so flick over to my channel and have a look. Also please appreciate my new cover photo, I spent far far too long making it yesterday but the photoshop skills are growing so who can complain?

Speaking of exciting new skills, I'm learning how to drive on main roads!! That's not relevant to anything, but I just thought I'd let you know.

Now, for the real deal. This is an especially fantastic playlist. I always try and make the holiday ones good, because of the ridiculous amounts of time I spent on busses. Mixtape 04 is all about the chill vibes, it's mainly acoustic with a little bit of my usual indie pop etc. etc. S/o going to LANY for their new single 'WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS'. YEAH IT'S ACTUALLY SPELT WITH CAPS BUT IT'S WORTHY OF IT SO ALL GOOD. I'M JUST GOING TO ROLL WITH THIS. IM ALSO ONLY NOW DISCOVERING STICKY FINGERS, THANKS TO MY NBFS BUS SQUAD. IT'S GOOD VIBES.

Also, its Wednesday. I'm sorry I missed Tuesday but I had an impromptu birthday party to plan. I know that sounds like I forgot someone's birthday. I'm admitting to nothing. It involved chicken pizza, a small British car, my Grandma, a particularly weird group chat, and surprisingly amazing $5 cake from Woolies. ZOLA took one for the team.

I'll have some video(s!?) up next week so make sure you head over to my channel and subscribe xx
Have a great week,
S x