18 Nov 2014

Kimono Love

Photo overload! As you can probably tell, I am not a model. Tell you the truth, in the first few months of my blog I literally just cropped photos at my neck so you couldn't see my often wackjob facial expressions. But look! I've improved! This post is inspired by Chessie from Chestnut Blog; There's something about the simplicity of her photos that I just adore. I am really trying to make my outfit posts as fabulous as they can possibly be for my wonderful readers, which includes learning Photoshop and lots more outfit posts. Watch this space!

Although I am a bit of a shopaholic, I love searching around to find fabulous pieces like this kimono. I've been on the hunt for a kimono for quite a while now, and I found this one at my local shops. That's how it always works, isn't it? The floral and almost tribal pattern is like nothing else I've seen. The colours are also great, with fun purples and blues as we see an end to Spring. All kimonos are so carefree and effortlessly dress up simple jeans and a tee. I've teamed mine with a white shirt, black pants, and my favourite sandals. A relaxed but sophisticated outfit for my weekend adventures.

To other news... School is essentially a write off at the moment, despite nagging teachers ensuring us that the year is not over and that we still have to focus. So I'm longing for the weekends and the free afternoons. The last week has consisted of blogging, room rearranging, music, sleepovers, tropical fruits, market shopping, and spontaneous trips to the beach. Ah how I love summer. Lets breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy the important things in life. This is summer, and I couldn't be more ready.