11 Aug 2015

Cold Climate

Jumper - Factorie
Jeans - Factorie
Scarf - Dangerfield
Shoes - Converse

It's the 9th of August (or it was when I wrote this...) and I'm only now realising IT IS NOT WARM. Not sure if you know this, but I hate winter. A lot. I've had this theory this year that if I just pretend it's really warm, and dress like it's really warm, it'll be warm. A heads up - that does not work. So, in light of my recent revelation I'm back in my bedroom with this 'I'm a warm eskimo' outfit.

I'm also now realising, this isn't reallyyy an outfit post. Let me explain myself. So a) I don't have a cool photographer boyfriend and b) my Dad ditched me. Cri. And, I was listening to a lot of Taylor Swift when this took a turn for a self-portrait look at how artsy and pretentious I am. Here's to experimentation. 

I have also been doing a lot of dreaming and tea drinking of late. I've got to pick my subjects for year 11 by next week, and when a teacher says 'please pick your subjects' it sounds a hell of a lot like 'please plan out the next 50 years of your life'. I don't know guizzzz!! I just want to be 12 again and blog forever. Literally all I've done today is pretended to pay attention at school, made some quality muffins and watched reruns of Glee. Someone please tell me what career that adds up to because it seems no one can help me. I did a career test at school and one of my top results was a prison warden. Waaaaah!1?1!?!?! I'm clearly a very threatening person.

Something else that's been happening is some really great blog feedback. I've had a few emails and people coming up to me at school/church just saying hey, I really love what you're doing. That might not be a big deal to you but THATS A FLIPPING BIG DEAL FOR ME!! It happened again at netball training this arvo, and I don't even care people from my school can see my great twelvie phase because ya'll so cool. Sometimes I get a bit down because I don't have as many followers as I'd like, but you guys are literally so cool and you make me so happy.  Have a fab week sweet potatoes. Oh also! I'm planning a sneaky Q and A for next week so hit me up with questions below.