15 Dec 2015

Sav + Ella's Christmas Gift Guide

Hello Humans!
Hopefully the festive season hasn't got you in a spin just yet, and if it has never fear! Ella, from Ink Dreaming, and I have joined forces to create the ultimate gift guide for every wonderful person in your life. I've put links to everything below, so just go on a clicking spree and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

1. Sportsgirl Watch
2. Chalkboard Globe
3. Sharetape Mix Tapes
4. Colouring In Books
5. Worlds's Okayest Sister Mug
6. Lush Baked Alaska Soap
7. Giant Inflatable Ice Cream

1. This Is My Year 2016 Diary
2. Travel Mug
3. World Vision Gifts
4. Chocolate Grumpy Pills
5. Ikea Blankets
6. Novelty Mug

1. MiGoals 2016 Diary
2. Pandora Ring
3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower book
4. The Body Shop Strawberry Gift Set
5. Kikki K Pens
6. Kester Black Nailpolish

P.S. This is a little unrelated but just incase you're having a bad day, I found out today that you can buy certain Cornetto's for $2. Yep. $2. And they're not even the dissatisfying small sized ones!! I'm sure it won't last, so go out and buy one for me. Actually no, treat yourself. Go out and buy one for you.