8 Dec 2015

young and wild and free

Top - Sportsgirl
Shorts - Market buy
Bracelets - Lovisa, Taylor Swift, Handmade by a friend :))
Shoes - Nike

Hello chickens! I know it has been a ridiculously long time since you've heard from me, but after a long hour in the Apple store I am back with a laptop that actually turns on! Life is good, and I am in the full swing of holiday bliss. It's the time for vintage t-shirts and high waisted shorts, for realising my beautiful nikes are highly impractical and should be used for casual outfits and not for actual sport. What a visionary I've become.

If you're following my Instagram (@zolablog) you'll know I've spent most of my week at the beach, mainly because I scored a Tigerlily bikini as an early Chrissie present. I can't help but feeling I've started a beautifully dangerous and expensive love affair. But what can I say, I'm wonderfully sunburnt and content with my life. It's worth mentioning this is partly because of white chocolate macadamia frozen yoghurt, which I tried for the first time yesterday. Seriously, who needs functioning relationships. I have white chocolate macadamia frozen yoghurt now. I need a cute couple nickname for that, it's just too long. Chocodamia? I'm feeling that.

In other news, my throat is slowly but surely closing in on itself after multiple nights of belting Taylor Swift across living rooms. Yep, multiple. Apologies my dear friends. Thank you for putting up with my uncontainable obsession for a bit of T-Swizzle.

Oh and incase you were wondering, yes I did break into a high school for this. I did pretend I was watching a preschool ballet concert with my mum and my tripod, all before coming home and binge watching the baddest show on television. Winners and Losers. I think I've reached a new level of wreck-less abandon, someone pls call the police.

So yes, that's what my world has come to since we last spoke. How I've missed this bloggy goodness! If there's anything you'd like to see here on Zola be sure to hit me up in the comments or email me at savannahhughes00@gmail.com.

Love always,
S x