8 Dec 2015


Savannah Wears
Top - Sportsgirl
Crop - Cotton On
Leggings - Cotton On

Here at Zola, I like to try new things like this funky new trend where I pretend I'm fit and healthy. This has been around for a while, but being a person that doesn't like exercise I've kind of disregarded it till now. What I've realized recently is that this is wildly comfortable!! I can pretend I'm fit and sporty while really just wearing a fashionable version of my pyjamas. Yes pls!!

The whole activewear thing has been my saving grace with endless musical rehearsals, and this crazy heat we've had lately. Gotta love October. But most excitingly of all... ITS OPENING NIGHT!! After a term and a half of rehearsals, we're finally here. I'm riding on waves of excitement and nervousness. 3 hours till curtains open!!

Extended love to all my friends who have sent me good luck texts or are coming to see the show. This whole experience has just reminded me of how amazing you are.

But second most excitingly of all... The giveaway on my Instagram ends next week!! Get entering my loves <3 

I've gotta run and put another 3 liters of hairspray on my hair! Wish me luck!