18 Jan 2016


Savannah Wears
Top - Cream Vintage
Shorts - Markets
Shoes - Converse
Bag - City Beach

If I'm honest, I've been putting off writing this all week. I've been putting off thinking a title for this all week. I've been putting off pretty much everything productive. Let me put it this way, I've read 9 pages of my novel for English and 148 pages of Tyler Oakley's biography. The thing is I'm on holiday. The thing about holidays is that no matter how much free time you have, and no matter how many good intentions you have, nothing productive is going to happen. I know this because I am this, and because there is currently a very convincing voice in my head saying 'savor summer, lets go market shopping and swimming and forget about the impending doom that is year 11. 

So here's me and my weekly musings from a place where I'm too relaxed to say something profound, a place that looks a lot like the inside of a cozy beachside motel. In amongst my doing nothing I've been doing a lot of swimming and wearing tie dye clothing. There's something about wearing every colour at once that just gets me going.

Actually, I lie. This weeks profound-ity (which I find much better than a profanity) is to always get out of the car. It's to accept adventure on the odd chance you might enjoy it. This shirt, which is possibly my favourite thing in the world right now, I bought in Newton in a store I never would have entered by myself, only minutes before attempting (and hilariously failing) an advanced yoga class. Why? Because my beautiful friend and number 1 ZOLA fan invited me, and I said yes. Ily by the way, consider this your official shoutout. 

Speaking of goodness, I got my Ls since last weeks installment which is majorly exciting! As much as I'd love to I can't yet drive to cool photography spots like this one. I've hit a top speed of 10kmph. Watch out Sydney siders, a soon to be crappy parallel parker is coming soon to an indie cafe car park near you!!