26 Oct 2013


shirt - borrowed
glasses - borrowed
headband - random piece of fabroc
belt - random piece of fabric
overalls - factorie
shoes - converse
It seems October 31 is rolling around again, a night where kids and kids at heart can run around scaring each other and begging for food. October 31 always happens to fall right in the middle of my exam week, so for the past few years Ive spent October 31 studying on the balcony and pegging lollies at children. It's sort of a trick and a treat all in one go.
Now I'm sitting at the awkward halloween party where I know no one. I've decided to be anti social and blog (aka talk to myself) about my costume. I'm a minion.
I found the idea for this on Disneybound. Google it for ideas, its fab.
Also, how great is Katy Perry's new album Prism!?!? I smashed my phone screen and was feelin sad so picked it up as a present for myself. Bit of self inflicted karma. Katy is so mainstream pop, but she does it so well. I really hope she goes on tour to Oz.
Happy halloween everyone! Send me your outfits, I'd love to see them :)
Enjoy the one night of the year you can beg for food without it being weird.
Bye for now my minion friends
Savannah xo